CBD Oil As A Natural Flea Repellent

CBD Oil As A Natural Flea Repellent: Separating Facts From Fiction

Fleas are annoying insects. They are pests that can attack both humans and pets. Fleas infest various parts of the home including mattresses, cushions, and furniture. Once they infest a house, they can pose serious problems. Sadly, they multiply quickly and are known for not easily being ridden. Now, let’s check CBD oil as a natural flea repellent.

These pests feast on blood, but will usually just bite humans and live. It is pets they make their hosts, living on them, and feeding on them. This can be a huge burden especially when there is an infestation. Other than being pests, fleas pose another problem in their bites because they can be itchy and irritating. They also serve as disease carriers, helping to transmit harmful diseases like flea-borne typhus.

Although they are difficult to eliminate, some repellents have proved to be potent against them. CBD oil as a natural flea repellant has proven to be potent in eliminating fleas. Follow us as we dissect the facts and fiction, separating truth from myth.

Repellents For Fleas

Getting rid of fleas can be achieved with numerous repellents. Chemicals have especially been used consistently by homeowners to help in getting rid of fleas in the house. However, the side effects of chemicals have caused a massive shift in their use. This is because chemical repellents for fleas and other insects can be harmful to not only the people in the house but also the pets. Inhaling these chemicals can cause serious health damages, so using chemicals to get rid of fleas has become less of an option. People are now shifting to natural compounds that can serve as repellents against these fleas. Some of the natural repellents include:

  • Citronella
  • Eucalyptus
  • Peppermint
  • Tea tree

CBD Oil As A Natural Flea Repellent

Of all the natural repellents, CBD oil has become more and more pronounced in its use against fleas. This is because CBD oil is an excellent way to deal with pests. It is also natural pest control and can help to prevent fleas (for homeowners that want a preventive measure against the pest). It has numerous benefits, and it is especially great at repelling insects. Fleas are no different, they are insects. So, if you have a flea infestation, then you are probably wondering, how does this oil work in helping to eliminate this pest. Well, the efficacy of CBD oil depends on how you use it.

To eliminate fleas, you have to consider whether you need to apply the CBD oil on your furniture, on just your pets, or on areas where fleas are in abundance. CBD oil can be sprayed all around the house or furniture to help in getting rid of fleas. Once they are applied topically to pets, they help in repelling them. Because fleas multiply quickly, you have to ensure that in using CBD oil, you use it comprehensively to eliminate the fleas all at once.

Misconception On Applying CBD Oil On Pets

Using CBD oil on pets might be scary for pet owners. This is because CBD oil is gotten from Cannabis, and there is a misconception that it can be intoxicating. However, this is untrue. CBD oil does not contain the psychoactive compound that alters the mind, and gives the ‘high feeling’. This mind-altering agent in cannabis is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD oil only has trace amounts of it. CBD oils are low tetrahydrocannabinol products that are derived from the Cannabis sativa plant that has become popular over the past few years. So, in use, it cannot alter the effects of the mind, making it safe for your pets.

This means that it is safe to use CBD oil to deal with fleas on your pets without having to wonder whether they’d be intoxicated, and affected by the properties of the CBD oil. You can apply CBD oil topically, or by ingestion on your pets. However, before use, pet owners must reach out to vet doctors. They have the expertise to advise on using CBD oil to serve as a natural repellent against fleas. Because few CBD oil products have been legalized, there are a lot of substances with varying THC content that might not be stipulated on the label. So, reaching out to a doctor will also help in getting the right CBD oil for pets.

Applying CBD Oil Around the Home

CBD oil can be applied around the home to help get rid of fleas. You can spray CBD oil into those areas where fleas hide. If you have a pet at home, there is a chance, fleas live in the deep parts of sofas, and other furniture materials since pets are great transporters of this insect. So, in applying CBD around the home, you will have to concentrate on the deepest and tiniest parts of the home. Once applied, the CBD oil will do its job in repelling the fleas, and ridding the house of fleas.

Although there is another popular misconception that CBD oil can be added to chemicals to make its ‘effects’ more potent, this is false. This idea does not hold any iota of truth because chemical compounds differ from CBD oil. Moreover, mixing chemicals with CBD oil to help get rid of fleas will defeat the purpose of using CBD oil in the first place. Especially since CBD oil is a safe alternative to chemicals. So, adding chemicals to CBD oil will put both homeowner and pet at risk of chemical injury.


CBD oil is a very versatile repellent that works against insects like fleas. Misconceptions on its efficacy have however made it a repellent that is constantly subject to debate. These debates have led to different stories about its potency and its use. Notwithstanding the numerous myths surrounding the use of CBD oil, if you are interested in using CBD oil to repel fleas, you should know that they serve as a great option. Safe for you, your pets, and the environment.

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