CBD for Sex

How Can CBD Improve Your Sex Life?

Sex is an activity that concerns almost all adults. There’s nothing better than good and satisfying sex. But not all couples experience a satisfying sexual relationship. Today’s fast-paced life takes over them, and they lose the art of amazing sex. The outside pressure is so much that sex gradually becomes a burden or a pressure point rather than a beautiful activity that connects souls. To balance it out, people sometimes resort to alternatives like alcohol to fill the gaps. Though alcohol does the trick when you are under the sheets, it has its drawbacks. Apart from usual problems like dryness in the vagina, fuzzy memories, and hangovers, its prolonged use can also damage the liver and give rise to other health complications. Medications consumed to overcome erectile dysfunction — like Viagra, Revatio, others — also come with several health complications. But now, CBD or cannabidiol seems to be filling the gap, and it’s a revelation for many. Firstly, it is 100 percent organic. CBD can make you a little bit giggly and less stressed out when having sex — and there you go, have unforgettable sex!

CBD as an aphrodisiac

It’s true that only a handful of people right now use CBD as a sexual performance enhancer in their bedroom. But these minority people are a happy lot. Most of them have positive things to say about cannabidiol.  It improved their sexual performance, overall experience, and, thus, their life. CBD is available in various forms like oils, gels, gummies, tablets, supplements, tinctures, and vapes. All of them have different functions and affect our bodies in different ways. Some CBD products regulate our appetite, while others affect sleep. Some will help you stress out, while others will enhance sexual activity and the overall reproduction system.

How does the sex problem arise?

Problems in the bedroom arise when you fail to balance your professional and personal life. The anxiety and mental issues arising out of this complicated situation make us vulnerable. Physical health problems like chronic pains can also impact our sex life. Despite all the efforts, you may not be able to satisfy your partner. The problem could be anything — poor sexual performance, lack of interest in sex life, and constant worry about something that’s affecting your life. CBD has a solution for all. Anecdotal experiences have shown cannabidiol reduces inflammation, helps you calm your nerves during sex. It works as a natural healer for your gut health. Most of all, it works as a booster dose and improves your sex life. It’s completely organic stands it out from other substitutes people adopt to make up for the lost sex life.

What all can CBD do to boost your sex life?

The problems like feeling inferior to your partner or fear of not being able to satisfy the other person may put you in a different zone while having sex. This affects your sex drive and causes issues like erectile dysfunction and no orgasm. CBD numbs your mood-killing thoughts. Those who constantly fight negative thoughts during sex may feel less-conscious about trivial things and help it’ll them enjoy the whole sexual experience. It’s neither addictive, nor does it carry any side-effects. I won’t make you forget about what happened last night like alcohol either. It calms your nervous system, which also helps in sleep after good sex. CBD aids the endocannabinoid system present in our body. Endocannabinoid or ECS is a complex cell-signaling receptor system that controls the thought process, sleeping order, and appetite. These endocannabinoid receptors, when activated by our body, relax the brain and dump anxiety thoughts. CBD helps like a booster dose with the ECS. CBD bonds with endocannabinoid and chills you out during the sexual intercourse. It brings you back to the present situation and helps you enjoy the activity to the fullest.

CBD for Sex

CBD = Less stress = Libido boost

If you are sexually active, do you feel like having sex on a stressful day, even if your partner wants? Probably not! Now imagine this situation remains the same all the time. Your personal life will be in ruins. As per experts, the stress hormone cortisol reduces your libido, which is your desire for sexual activity.

CBD can help you reduce anxiety hormones and activate your parasympathetic nervous system, also called PNS. The PNS will make you feel restful and open to sexual interaction. The overall effect is that you engage in deeper emotional, sexual intimacy with your partner. As per a survey by Remedy Review, 68 percent of respondents claimed CBD gave a new lease of life to their sexual relationship. Even though it’s just anecdotal data, it points towards a possible future solution for one of the biggest personal issues in human life — dull sex life.

Different ways to boost sexual desires

CBD can fill colors in your boring and inactive sex life. The idea is first to understand the dosing process and then find ways to use CBD to spice-up your intimate life. CBD vape oil, CBD tablets, cannabinoid lubricants, and CBD tablets — all work as sexual performance enhancers. You have to find out the one that suits you the best. 

These CBD products dilate blood vessels that increase blood flow as fresh oxygen enters the body. The improved blood flow boosts stimulation and leads to arousal, helping men stay longer, and women achieve orgasm. Your CBD product, in combination with ECS in the body, will suppress the negative thoughts and help you stay in the moment. Many people experience pain while having sex. CBD balm or lubes can reduce pain in women, which helps them avoid dryness in the vagina. CBD lubes also help in foreplay and climax. You can also use CBD to relax after having sex. 

In essence, CBD can take the boredom out of sex life. The need is to explore it more and analyze how it can contribute in the best possible way to make our life better.

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