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Marijuana detox: How to clean-up your body?

It is understandable if you want to undergo the so-called ‘marijuana detox’. People do it for many reasons. It’s a great option to restore the body to a chemical-free state. Only a few states in the US allow marijuana to be used for recreational use. If you don’t want to be caught in a catch-22 situation, ‘marijuana detox’ may be a great option for you.

Or there could be other genuine reasons

For example, if you are about to appear for a job interview, you could face disqualification. The reason being cannabis compounds are found in your body. You may choose to detox because you expect and don’t want your baby to bear any potential side-effects. Similarly, you want to get all the THC content out of your system for your own good. 

Detoxing your body of cannabis content may also be a good option if you are into other harmful substances. This includes cocaine, alcohol, meth, or hallucinogens. The mix of marijuana and these harmful compounds can be disastrous for your health. 

Though the term ‘marijuana detox’ may seem fancy, it’s a basic process. You can even carry out the ‘marijuana detox’ at home, provided you follow all the right steps.

What is marijuana or cannabis?

Marijuana has been a human’s companion since time immemorial. As the civilizations kept changing, so did their status. Some considered it ‘god’s herb’ while others made it illegal and liable with several punishments. Right now, marijuana has a complicated status in the world. Progressive countries have started to notice its importance in the treatment of key diseases. While other nations are still adamant about keeping a ban on its recreational use. For its proponents, it is nothing but a plant. This plant grows in the fields and can be extracted from its shredded and dried parts. All its body parts, including stems, seeds, leaves, and flowers, have a plethora of uses for medical as well as recreational purposes. 

You can also call weed or hash or pot.

Those who use it have found various ways to consume it. While some may like to smoke marijuana, others may not want to put an unnecessary burden on their lungs and thus, be happy drinking hash tea or pot cake. The effects may vary — smoking can have a faster and deeper impact while it may take longer to feel the effect if you eat marijuana. Cannabis is made up of around 500 chemical compounds, also known as cannabinoids, that come into play when you have it. The effect is beautifully complex and magical. 

Why does one need ‘Marijuana detox’?

There’s nothing wrong in consuming marijuana provided it’s taken in a well-regulated manner and after the advice from your health experts. Researchers suggest it has numerous medicinal benefits and can address problems like stress, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, schizophrenia, epilepsy, to name a few. Despite all these benefits, you may want to go back to the old state of your body, when there was no trace of cannabis in it.

Is it possible to do? Well, yes. It is possible.

Firstly, you must also know that once you start consuming marijuana, it leaves behind marijuana metabolites — chemical remnants called cannabinoids — even after its effects are long gone. Now, these cannabinoids can be easily traced to confirm you consumed marijuana. Simple tests using saliva, hair, fingernails, blood, and urine can confirm that within minutes. That’s why you must cleanse your whole body if you are eying marijuana detox. 

What’s detected during a drug test?

Experts usually find the THC content in our body by conducting a urine test as the cannabis compound remains detectable in urine for a longer period. Our body fat also stores a metabolite called THC-COOH, where traces of the cannabis compounds remain present for months. If you are worried about THC content being present in it, go for marijuana detox. It’s safe and guarantees 100 per cent detox.

How to detox your body?

Detoxing your body of THC can be a challenging task but there are methods by which one can eliminate this cannabis compound. Firstly, you can do exercise, if that’s something you’re good at since it’s the most natural way to get toxins out of your system. Anecdotal evidence suggests exercising can release the THC compounds stored in our body and speed up the overall detox process. Science, however, is yet to throw light on it. 

Regular exercising can be more helpful in detoxifying if you are lean as it means you have a faster metabolism.

You may also try detox drinks such as cranberry juice, or even green tea would work well, but this solution is not foolproof. Having detox drinks fill up your urine bladder with vitamins and proteins, which does the trick by manipulating the urine sample. 

You will get several detox kits online as well as offline stores. Most of them are not approved by the US government food and drug agency and could carry side-effects. So buy and use them at your own risk. Despite these fears, many people use the detox kits to flush out the THC content from your system at the earliest. 

The best way to detox, as per the majority of health experts, is to wait for THC to go away naturally. This may take time, mostly 30 days, but it’ll flush out THC without any side-effects. During this period, you may want to enhance your water intake or consume natural drinks to fasten the detox process. 

Marijuana Detox: Final Thoughts

In essence, awareness around marijuana is leading to its widespread acceptance but still, it’s important to know that it comes with many side-effects. If you are into the so-called ‘marijuana abuse’, it may be the right time to detox your body to go back to the natural state. 

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