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Can you safely eat Marijuana: Learn Everything

Before Marijuana was stereotyped as a health-damaging drug or plant, it was used as medicine for different ailments. Raw marijuana was mixed with other herbs and administered to sick people in ancient China and India. Till date, the locals in some parts of Africa eat Marijuana leaves to relieve themselves of the pain that comes with farming. Most Marijuana users are used to other means of consuming marijuana like smoking marijuana, so they wonder if it is safe to eat Marijuana. 

Is it safe to eat Marijuana? the plain answer is yes. It is safe to eat Marijuana, and it also has some health benefits as well. Lots of people consume marijuana edibles like brownies, while others use raw weed for cooking. 

Reasons why it is safe to eat Marijuana 

1). It doesn’t get you high. 

Unlike other methods of consuming marijuana, eating Marijuana does not get you high. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)  is the cannabinoid present in Marijuana that is responsible for the high effects of weed. But if Marijuana is raw or untouched,  the cannabinoid present is THCA which is not psychoactive at all. Marijuana has to undergo heating, a process also known as decarboxylation, for THCA to be converted to THC. So if you are looking to consume marijuana without getting high, you can just eat Marijuana leaves. 

2). Marijuana leaves are rich in Vitamin, Minerals and Fiber. 

Even though marijuana has special effects, do not forget that it is also green leaves. Judging from the biochemical composition, Marijuana leaves are rich in certain vitamins, fiber and minerals. They include ;

  • Vitamin K for blood clotting 
  • Vitamin C for immune system 
  • Iron for blood oxygenation 
  • Calcium for bones
  • Folate for DNA repair. 

Marijuana leaves are also rich in fiber,  they would fit just right into your healthy diet. 

3). Antioxidant properties. 

Marijuana leaves possess antioxidant properties. These antioxidants are important to protect the body against stress and damages and also against health conditions like cancer and blood vessel diseases. They’re also our body’s only defence against “free radicals,” which are highly reactive molecules that can wreak havoc on our bodies over time.

Whether eaten raw or cooked, Marijuana is filled with enough antioxidants for the body to make use of. So if you eat raw Marijuana or infuse it in brownies,  you get the same effects. 

4). It is the best replacement for Smoking Marijuana

As much as people love smoking marijuana, the adverse effects smoking has on the body is enough to switch to eating Marijuana either by infusing it in your food and drinks or eating it raw.

Inhaling hot smoke causes inflammation of the respiratory system, and it has been proven that because people who smoke marijuana inhale more deeply into their lungs (and hold the smoke there longer), they wind up with four times as much tar than those who smoke cigarettes. And yes, before you ask, burning marijuana leaves will create tar. Making use of marijuana for cooking has different effects from smoking it, it doesn’t put in harmful carcinogens in the lungs. 

If you eat Marijuana, it goes through the lungs without any of the effects which comes with smoking and it is metabolized by the liver which produces a different type of THC.

5). Eating Marijuana helps relieve Pain. 

When you eat Marijuana, it gives a long lasting relief of the pain you are feeling. Other means of  consumption also helps with pain relief but eating Marijuana gives a longer and lasting pain relief in your body. 

6). It reduces Nausea, vomiting and increases appetite. 

Marijuana is scientifically proven to reduce nausea and help boost appetite. There have been lots of studies as to the effectiveness of Marijuana in the treatment of nausea and vomiting in both people and animals. A particular research discovered that by manipulating the endocannabinoid system, one can effectively regulate nausea and vomiting. 

It is best to eat Marijuana in anticipation of feelings of nausea or vomiting in conditions like menstrual cramps or to immediately you start getting the feeling so as to be more effective. 

7). It helps to kill cancer cells. 

Scientists have discovered that marijuana helps to treat and cure the symptoms of cancer like nausea, loss of appetite, chronic pain, discomfort. It is even believed that it might be a possible cure for cancer. A research shows the cannabinoid THC isolating and eliminating cancer cells in the body. It is a fact that these benefits cannot be gotten by smoking marijuana, the best way to utilize Marijuana for treating cancer is by eating it directly or taking it in oil form or adding it to your food and drinks. 

8). It helps to protect the brain cells. 

A study in the British Journal of Pharmacology shows that THCA might have the ability to protect brain cells. It was mentioned earlier that THCA is the cannabinoid present in raw Marijuana.  These findings can be used by experts to explore the use of raw Marijuana in the treatment of brain diseases. 

Risks and Side effects of eating Marijuana

There are some risks involved and also side effects that come up when you eat Marijuana. They include;

  • It is difficult to know the exact dosage to consume for each individual. There are varieties of Marijuana out there, knowing the exact one for your problem is a problem. 
  • Unlike smoking, Eating Marijuana takes a lot of time before acting on the body system . it takes an average of 90 minutes for the effects to start kicking into the body system. Though it lasts longer,  you’ll have to wait long to feel the effect of the marijuana. 
  • One can unintentionally eat more Marijuana than the body needs and this will lead to bad reactions from the body which will last long like paranoia and impaired motor ability. 
  • Though this is rare, over consumption of raw Marijuana can lead to the symptoms of Psychosis kicking in on the individual. These include hallucinations, confusion e. t. c. 

Finally, before you eat Marijuana, consult your doctor for advice or better prescription. 

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