Diet and Nutrition

Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet: A road to a healthy lifestyle

Food is the most basic requirement for humans to survive on earth. But, what if it fills your appetite and also helps you live longer and happier than average people? Researchers have been looking at ways in which food can enhance life expectancy for several years now. And, the Mediterranean diet

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A Detox Diet that 100% Works

Smooth digestion and absorption of nutrients, along with the effective treatment of toxins by your liver, is essential for good health. That’s why a cleaning program, like a detox diet, can be a useful tool to rejuvenate the body and skin from the inside out. The trick to a comfortable

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Weight-loss Products: 7 Ways to Spot Diet Scams

The weight-loss industry is one of the most thriving industries across the world, including the United States.  As unhealthy food habits and lifestyle become more prevalent, diet scammers are also flooding the markets with unsubstantiated products. They promise to catapult your physique without physical efforts. But these tall claims are

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