body spas
Body Care

10 Body Spa that You Can Try At Home for Free

We’re not superhuman, and sometimes we all need a breather! But between work, gym, and life obligations, it can be hard to find the time (and cash) for a relaxing day at the spa. However, it is important to take time for yourself to live a healthy, balanced life. So,

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perfect skin
Skin Care

A Comprehensive Guide to a Healthy Skin

Skincare is a set of activities that promote skin integrity, improve its beauty, and alleviate skin conditions. Skincare is a regular everyday practice in many settings, such as skin that is too dry or too moist, the prevention of dermatitis, and skin injury prevention. Let’s look at some skincare techniques

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makeup products
Make Up

5 Best and Cheap Makeup Products on the Market

With thousands of makeup items to choose from and new, improved options to come out every season, finding the right solutions for your individual beauty needs can be daunting and expensive. The beauty and skincare routine does not always have to be costly. You can easily find the best beauty

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Nail Care

How to Get a Salon-Quality Manicure Done at Home?

We realize that sometimes people don’t have a lot of spare time to pamper session, but they’re always going somewhere to get pampered. More and more people are opting out of the typical salon experience and sitting at home to make their nails, or just not doing them at all.

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feet care
Body Care

8 Tips to Take Care of Your Feet at Home

Your feet are the last part of your body you’re worried about — until they start hurting. However, they are too vital to overlook: with some 26 bones and a complex framework of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, your feet absorb the pressure of your entire body weight every step of

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smelly feet
Body Care

10 Hacks to Get rid of Smelly Feet or Bromodosis

A smelly foot is a condition in which an unpleasant smell emerges from a human foot due to long-term sweating. Wet feet provide an atmosphere for developing bacteria that break down the sweat particles as soon as they come out of the pores. This decomposition leads to a foul smell,

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body scrubs
Body Care

7 DIY Homemade Body Scrubs

When you’re sitting all day indoors, your skin can feel dry, dull, or need some TLC. Any time you have a little free time on your hands, it’s a great time to try experimenting with a homemade body scrub. Instead of taking an unnecessary ride to the supermarket, you should

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dry hair
Hair Care

8 Best Home Remedies for Dry Hair

Does your hair feel dry, brittle, and dull? Are you suffering from frizzy hair and split ends? Frequent use of hair dryers or hair products, such as bleaching, coloring, or straightening, will dry and damage the hair. Dry hair is more likely to break and split ends. The first step

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