Cannabis Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

A List of Cannabis Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

After a hectic wedding planning of booking venues, sending invitations, and preparing wedding menus,  you deserve a mind-blowing getaway with your spouse. A Cannabis-friendly Honeymoon Destination is a perfect spot for relaxation for you and your spouse. 

If you or your partner is a marijuana patient or a cannabis lover, a Cannabis-friendly Honeymoon would be the best to unwind all the wedding stress and bond perfectly with your spouse. Though there are still a few restrictions as to the use of Cannabis, You can try out these awesome destinations where you can use Cannabis for a soothing honeymoon. 

1). The Capital City of Colorado, Denver

Cannabis was first sold legally in Colorado in 2014, age 21 and above are allowed to take Cannabis. Denver, the capital city of Colorado,  has the most canna tourism market in the world and lots of legal cannabis dispensaries. This sounds like the perfect place to spend a Cannabis-friendly Honeymoon with your better half without fear of restrictions. There are lots of places to tour while enjoying your Cannabis-friendly Honeymoon in Denver. They include;

  • Denver Botanical Garden. 
  • Beatrice & Woodsley. 
  • Larimer Square for romantic date nights
  • The International Church of Cannabis. 
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art and so on. 

2).  Punta del Esta,  Uruguay

Punta del Esta is one of the best places to spend a Cannabis-friendly Honeymoon in the whole of South America. It is home to lots of exotic five star hotels and also the second largest city in Uruguay. 

In 2013,  Uruguay broke the record as the first country to fully legalize weed in the world. Residents are free to buy Cannabis from medical dispensaries in the state but this is purely reserved for the residents. The locals in Punta del Esta are so friendly that it is their culture to share their weed with foreigners. 

Feel free to lounge at the Jose  Ignacio beach where you can enjoy a horseback excursion,  go to the lively LA Barra town for fun parties and takeaway cuisines. 

3) Negril, Jamaica

This island nation is known for its weed and cannabis lifestyle,  it is a place where you go to feel at home if you are a regular cannabis smoker or a weed lover. The common religion there which is the Rastafari religion encourages a weed lifestyle. So you might want to consider having your Cannabis-friendly Honeymoon in this place. 

There are other tourist attractions you can visit during your Cannabis-friendly Honeymoon in Negril. They have beach resorts,  street food,  music festivals that encourage weed culture, and so on.  Be sure to stop by one of these places for an amazing experience. 

4). Seattle , Washington 

Cannabis was decriminalized in Washington in the year 2012 and they were allowed to purchase cannabis for recreation in 2014. The City is filled with Cannabis dispensaries,  you won’t go wrong with booking a Cannabis-friendly Honeymoon in this city. 

You can tour the city of Seattle for their famous coffee and music scene. There are hotels and views in Seattle that you can use to kick off your romantic Honeymoon. 

5). The Famous Tel Aviv beach

Israel is one of the leading countries in exploring the uses and benefits of medical marijuana and cannabis research. Cannabis is legalized in Israel but not until recently before recreational use was allowed for Adults. 

Using Tel Aviv as a destination for your Cannabis-friendly Honeymoon means you and your partner can freely light up a blunt in the streets. You can tour this city for beaches,  art and breathtaking architecture. Other exciting places in Tel Aviv include ;

  • The Old Arab town of Jaffa
  • Dizengoff Circle & Surrounds
  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art. 
  • Neve Tzedek Quarters
  • Eretz Israel Museum 
  • Netanya Seaside Resort and so on. 

5). The Beach town of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country located in Latin America. Costa Rica has decriminalized Cannabis as it is part of their culture,  it is referred to as part of their “pura Vida” mindset. Located in the South Caribbean coast,  the beach town of Puerto Viejo is one of the perfect spots to have a Cannabis-friendly Honeymoon with your loved one. 

The main means of transportation is riding a bicycle so get ready to go cycling. You can spend your time on the beach or go with your partner on an adventure into the rainforest filled with monkeys and toucans. 

You can also check out places like Rocking J’s for an awesome night life where you can fully enjoy the Cannabis culture while having a good time. 

6). Portland, Oregon

The use and possession of recreational Cannabis in Portland by persons of age 21 and above was legalized in the state of Oregon in July 2015. Though it is illegal to smoke Cannabis in public places,  there are several spots in Portland that you can freely light a smoke. 

You and your Spouse can tour the city of Portland in a cost effective tour bus , with seats labelled with cannabis leafs, that visits dispensaries, an extraction lab and a glass shop. The tour bus will also take you to tourist attractions in the city. 

There are also safe spaces for cannabis in Portland that you can visit like Make & Mary infused dinner series, Arcane Revelry and so on. 

7). Get High in Glacier Bay, Alaska

 You must have heard of or seen the Glacier bays on TV or in stories,  come and experience this breathtaking view firsthand as you plan to have your Cannabis-friendly Honeymoon here. Alaska legalized use and sale of Cannabis to persons over the age of 21 in 2014. There are state dispensaries all over Alaska . 

Book a room in Glacier bay lounge and explore the wonders of Glacier bays, especially at night. You can take a boat ride with your lover out in the waters or head to Denali parks to view the mountains. Also, you may have the opportunity to see the aurora borealis,  a natural show of magnetic energy and light. 

You should consider this natural beauty as a place to have a memorable experience with your lover on a Cannabis-friendly Honeymoon. 

Precautions to take while choosing your Cannabis-friendly Honeymoon Destination. 

Though Some countries have legalized the use of cannabis,  there are still some limits to where,  when and the amount of Cannabis that can be consumed. Always check local laws of states and towns before lighting up Cannabis to avoid problems with the local authorities. 

Also check in with the hotel or lounge if cannabis is allowed in their premises. 

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