Cannabis Blunt

Cannabis Blunt: Everything about rolling-up!

What is a Cannabis Blunt? 

A Cannabis blunt is a cigar that has been emptied from its loose-leaf tobacco and filled with grounded cannabis.

While some prefer to buy the blunt wrap,  others would rather manually empty a prerolled cigar and replace the tobacco with cannabis. 

How to make Cannabis blunt wraps? 

You can make Cannabis blunt by using tobacco leafs for cigars and fill it with cannabis. 

Why is it called a blunt? 

The name “blunt” was gotten from an American brand of cigars, Phillies Blunts,  who made this method of consumption famous within the cannabis culture. 

Phillies brand manufactured a cigar which was named ‘blunt’ and the name was adapted for emptying a tobacco cigar and filling it with cannabis. 

Benefits of smoking a Cannabis blunt. 

Some people tend to love the cannabis bunt cause of the tobacco feels in it. Other reasons why it is preferred include;

  • Super Effects 

The tobacco adds a heightened effect and energy to your high or smoking experience. 

  • Flavor and Aroma. 

Some people would love the smell of a Cannabis blunt burning,  especially if you used a nice flavor, wrap, or cigar. 

  • It is portable 

you can get it from anywhere. 

  • Slow burn. 

Cannabis blunt burn slower compared to joints or cigarettes. 

How to Roll a Cannabis Blunt?

Before rolling a joint,  you have to get your materials ready. The necessary materials for rolling a Cannabis blunt include ;

  • Cannabis strain of choice
  • Cigar, Cigarillo or blunt wrap. Any cannabis blunt wrap is fine but one that is not completely dried out is better. You can get this at any weed store. 
  • For those new to this,  a Grinder or blade is advisable. 

How much Cannabis does a blunt need? 

Cannabis blunts are bigger than the average joint, so you’ll need more cannabis. You’ll need one to two grams for it, but you’ll need more if you are using a cigar. 

Rolling a Cannabis blunt

Follow through these steps to roll your cannabis blunt ;

1. Break down your Cannabis 

When rolling your blunt,  you need to break down your Cannabis. You either grind it with a grinder or make use of your fingers to break it down. 

Most people prefer the grinder cause it grinds the cannabis evenly and smoothly, leading to a smooth burn. However grinding your weed too smooth can make the blunt burn faster so some prefer breaking it down with their fingers. It’s all a matter of preference. 

2. Empty your Cigar

This step is only applicable for those that want to make use of a tobacco cigar. You can skip if you are using a blunt wrap. 

Make use of a blade or sharp knife to cut through the cigar length wise,  use your finger to gently open the cigar roll from both sides. You can either throw away the tobacco from the cigar or keep aside for later use. 

3. Wet your Cannabis blunt wrap

Cigar paper can be quite hard to work with,  however putting a wet substance on the paper can make it easier to shape, wrap and smoke with. It can also close up any tears that could have occurred during the cutting and emptying. 

If the blunt is meant for your consumption,  you can make use of your saliva as moist for the wrap but if you are rolling for a group,  it’s advisable to use a few drops of water to seal it. 

4. Fill up your Cannabis Blunt

Up next,  you apply your ground cannabis to the middle of the tobacco leaf paper,  spread the cannabis till it’s filled with your desired amount. There is no accurate amount of cannabis to add to your paper, but as mentioned above,  you can apply about 1-2 grams of cannabis or more. 

After adding enough Cannabis, roll the paper between your fingers to make sure you packed the cannabis evenly before sealing it. 

5. Roll and carefully seal your Cannabis Blunt wrap. 

Follow this process carefully to roll and seal your Blunt:

  • Tuck one side of the wrap under the other side in a tight way. 
  • Gently lick the exposed side lengthwise and seal your Blunt. 
  • If your Blunt tears during the process of rolling,  use a piece of the tobacco leaf to seal it. 
  • To ensure your Blunt is sealed well, run your lighter around the exterior of your blunt. Do not put the lighter too close to the paper. 
  • The heat from the lighter will dry up the moisture and seal the blunt. 

Once you have followed this process,  you can light up your blunt for a joyride or save it for consumption later. You can store it in an airtight container to retain the freshness and cannabinoid properties. 

Differences between a Blunt and a Joint 

There are a few differences between a Blunt and a Joint.  Let’s carefully examine these differences;

  • Apperance

This is the most notable difference between a Cannabis Blunt and a joint. The tobacco leaves used for wrapping cannabis are usually dark brown while the paper used for the joint is white if bleached,  or a light shade of tan if unbleached. 

  • Use of Cannabis and Tobacco. 

Some people combine both tobacco and cannabis into a joint,  this is known as a Spliff. Cannabis Blunt is only cannabis,  the wrap is made of tobacco leaf so there is no reason to add tobacco. 

  • Amount of Cannabis used

Cannabis blunts have more weight than joint which allows for more cannabis compared to joint. Blunts can take almost times two of the capacity of a joint. 

  • Smoking Experience

Due to the thick nature of the cannabis blunt wrap, it burns too slowly than a joint. It allows for a longer smoking experience compared to joints. Blunts are popular for consumption within larger groups due to it’s size. 


Blunts are a massive dose  of THC. Unfortunately,  Blunts are not advisable due to health issues and problems cause by excess intake. This tasty goodness of enjoyment is wrapped in a toxic unhealthy tobacco leaf. 

Cannabis blunts are certainly not the healthiest way to get high. That being said, a fine blunt is best reserved for a special occasion or a social gathering. A few puffs from a fat blunt can be enjoyed by the whole party like an appetizer.

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