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CBD Concentrate: Everything you need to know!

If you are the type that enjoys smoking or taking CBD products, then you are in for a treat with CBD concentrate. As the popularity of CBD grows amongst other conventional drugs, technology has found a way to get more CBD for an effective and faster response.
CBD concentrate is a new and modern way that has proved effective. It allows users to have more percentage of CBD in a short period of time.

What is CBD Concentrate?

A CBD Concentrate is a product that contains a higher percentage of CBD than the regular cannabis flower or plant. It is one of many compounds known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Interest in CBD and cannabis products has led to selective breeding of the plant, increasing the amount of CBD in the various cannabis strains. Hemp plants, for example, contain more CBD than other varieties of the cannabis Sativa plant.
There are different types of CBD Concentrate with a variety of tastes, textures, and effects. CBD Concentrates are made by extracting CBD, terpenes, and other components from the Cannabis plant.
By removing these molecules and leaving substances such as chlorophyll, wax, and cellulose, the end product contains far superior levels of cannabidiol than any raw flower.

Types of CBD Concentrate.

There are different types of ways of extracting cannabinoids from the Cannabis plant. The extractions are converted into substances that can be consumed in various ways. The common types of CBD Concentrate include;

1. Crystal or Powder

This is the form of CBD isolate. It takes a crystalline and powdery form. The process of creating CBD isolate separates CBD from almost everything else in the plant. High-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) passes CBD extract through a column that isolates CBD from the array of other molecules.
This method creates 99% pure CBD crystals alongside minimal levels of terpenes for a potent cannabinoid experience.

2. Wax

As a thick, viscous substance, CBD wax goes down particularly well in dab rigs and vapes. Wax features a darker color than many other concentrates and contains an array of synergistic phytochemicals apart from CBD, including terpenes and flavonoids. Wax also contains other components from the cannabis plant that underpin its unique texture, including natural waxes and sterols.

3. Budders

This type of CBD Concentrate has a butter-like texture. It is creamy and fluffy which makes it easy to vape or dab without stress. Manufacturers create budder by purging CBD extract using high temperatures and increased air pressure, and by whipping the substance vigorously, to remove the solvent. Like wax, budder is usually created via butane or CO₂ extraction; thus, its potency is around the same as well.

4. Crumble

This CBD Concentrate is similar to CBD Wax but it is moist. Crumble has a crumbly, non-sticky texture. Due to the increased water content in it, it is more solid and less vicious. This makes it easier to use as a vaporizer.

5. Shatter

This CBD Concentrate has a satisfying consistency that snaps and cracks under pressure. The concentrate is translucent and looks and feels like glass. When exposed to heat, it melts and turns into a honey-like substance ideal for dabbing. Manufacturers avoid agitation and crystallization post-extraction to create a final product with pleasing aesthetics that people love.

6. Live Resin

Live resin stems from buds that are frozen directly after harvest. This cooling process preserves many of the volatile terpenes that otherwise degrade during drying and curing. Creating concentrates from these frozen flowers lead to “live” resin loaded with flavor. This type of CBD concentrate really captures the terpene profile of the flowers used in the process.

Advantages of CBD Concentrate.

1). Inclusion of Terpenes.

     Terpenes are naturally found in different plants. It gives plants their distinct aroma. There are lots of terpenes located in cannabis and CBD products depending on their strains and source. When combined with CBD, Terpenes provide the entourage effect which is effective for relieving pain, headaches, inflammation, and so on.

2). Quicker Effects.

If you need quick recovery from pain or symptoms, you might want to consider going for CBD Concentrates. Most times, those who inhale CBD in vapors take in more CBD than those that consume it orally.

3). Reduced feeling of anxiety.

Usually, CBD is known for helping with symptoms of anxiety and calming the nerves to put one at ease. Frequent intake of CBD will help to calm your nerves as you go about your daily activities. Making use of CBD Concentrate will increase the effects in your body due to the higher percentage of CBD in it.

4). Increased Mental Ability.

Unlike THC, CBD does not harm mental clarity. On the contrary, you can expect a lucid, serene feeling after hitting a vape or dab of CBD concentrate. The effects plunge the mind into the present moment and encourage a productive, meditative, and relaxed mindset.

How to make use of CBD Concentrate?

  • Dabbing.

The most popular way to consume cannabis concentrates is by vaporizing the concentrate using a “dab rig.” This method consists of heating a “nail” (made from either glass, ceramic, or titanium) and then applying the concentrate directly onto the hot surface, instantly turning it into vapor for consumption.

  • Vaping.

Vaporizers make use of different types of heating to heat CBD Concentrates. Instead of combusting the material, these systems simply heat it to the point at which CBD and terpenes begin to evaporate. This creates a gentle, smooth, and extremely tasty hit. Some vaporizers even allow you to select specific temperature settings to harness particular terpenes and benefit from the entourage effect.

  • CBD Edibles.

One thing about CBD edibles is that you can be flexible with how you use your CBD Concentrate for edibles. You can mix it with your food, drinks, snacks and so on.


If you are a frequent CBD user, you should consider using CBD Concentrate for faster results. You don’t have to worry about getting high. World Health Organization approves of CBD as safe and harmless for consumption. The effects are very mild so you don’t have to worry about the dangers. Also, make sure to consult your doctor before using CBD Concentrate.

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