CBD for college students

CBD for college students: How can it help?

Time spent in college is one of those unforgettable moments in life, which remain etched in the memory of our lifetime. All those sleepless nights of parties with friends, burning the midnight oil to study for exams, and the classroom fun, life is good in college. CBD is something many students learn about when they land in colleges. It has become a kind of rage among youngsters to consume CBD-based products now. The reason: CBD offers amazing health benefits to youngsters who are facing multiple issues in life.

CBD is not a psychoactive compound so it works like a relaxant and mitigates pain. Some people also use them for fun, as they get relief from their stressful life. As per a survey conducted by Syracuse University in the US, over 47 percent of students were using CBD-based products. But, what are the actual benefits of CBD products for students? How can they reap maximum benefits from this all-natural cannabis extract? In this article, we shall explore CBD usage among college students.

Let’s dive in!

What is CBD?

At Healthmed, we have covered CBD extensively. CBD stands for cannabidiol. It’s one of the hundreds of components found in marijuana. The difference is: it does not hold psychoactive components, meaning it does not cause high among people. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), CBD may be effective against numerous medical conditions.

The top global health body has found that research on CBD’s use in the treatment of epilepsy is in an advanced stage, while for others there’s “pre-clinical evidence” or “limited clinical” evidence, which suggests it can potentially cure several ailments in all-natural ways. It is extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant or more commonly known as the hemp plant by using a certain extraction method. It’s 100 percent organic, does not cause hallucination, and gives better results than contemporary medicines without any side-effects. How does it work? Well, it engages with something called an endocannabinoid system or ECS. The CS controls everything in our body — sleep, smell, mental health, pain, inflammation, or any other areas of concern by relaxing our senses and thus providing relief.

Why do college students use CBD products?

The answer lies in things they find themselves in: parental pressure to perform well in academics, peer pressure to stay ahead in a career, self-expectations or goals and personal life. Among all these factors, studying alone has enormous pressure on youngsters. Around 63 per cent of students, who are studying in college across the US, have experienced anxiety issues during their college years, a survey conducted by the American College Health Association suggests.

Around 23 percent said they have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder by a professional. In terms of numbers, this percentage is huge, and stress can sometimes leave a lasting impact on their personal and professional life. CBD offers a promise to those fighting constant stress. It gives them instant relief and helps them concentrate on their studies. While CBD relaxes you, it also regulates the mind to concentrate on the given task like study or any other activity.

Big boost for sportspersons

While CBD use in helping students in concentrating on their studies is one thing, it’s equally important to focus on sports activities when you are in your college years. Many college students who are into sports use CBD-based creams to treat their injuries as it provides fast relief from burns. They are also using CBD oil and gummies to get relief from the stress of juggling between studies and sports. Buying CBD products is not only helpful but cheaper than going to a full course of traditional medication.

Not only in college, but athletes at all levels are also now using CBD products to help themselves during their competitions. The major turning point in CBD use among athletes came in 2018 when the United States Anti-Doping Association (USADA) removed CBD from their list of banned substances. The social stigma attached to marijuana in general — where those consuming it are perceived as addicts — is not associated with CBD. It’s a clean product, which has only good things to offer so youngsters feel quite easy to talk about it. 

Social problems and mental health

College life is all about juggling between studies, sports activities and part-time jobs to make yourself self-independent. Sometimes, students work during night time and study during the day. These hectic days can take a big toll on their life, especially sleep patterns. While everyone knows how important it is to have quality sleep, college students hardly care about it. Sleep gives our body a chance to restart our day afresh to concentrate on things that matter. Moreover, sleep is one of the primary functions that’s controlled by the endocannabinoid system present in our body. So, if you are using, let’s say CBD vape, before sleep, it’s definitely going to benefit you by promoting the right sleep cycle.

Sometimes, the workload of studying and fulfilling your other aspirations can leave you overwhelmed. Not to mention parental expectations, which are always high. These factors lead to mental and emotional stress, making students more anxious about their future plans. However, CBD can make their college journey easier by providing you relief from mental stress. Many students use CBD oils to relieve from such problems and keep themselves calm. It also helps them boost creativity, which in turn helps them professionally.

The Bottom line

Just like any other phase in life, CBD can make your life better for those studying in colleges or universities. It removes stress from your life and provides health benefits, which can ruin people’s lives in the longer run. However, for our reader’s sake, it should be clarified that all these claims are anecdotal and based on small-scale studies. Notwithstanding numerous benefits, cannabidiol is still at its nascent stage. This means more research and regulatory easing is required to fully understand the cannabis compound. There’s also a need to allow clinical trials to check its efficacy so that maximum people can benefit.

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