CBD for endometriosis

CBD for endometriosis: How does it work?

Around 10 percent of women across the world face the problem of endometriosis. Though many women suffer from this health condition, there’s still a lack of understanding and improper diagnosis to blame it. Similarly, CBD may or may not be of any help in endometriosis. Let’s find out.

So far, no research has been able to find out its exact causes and variation in pain among women. Those seeking medical treatment require at least seven and a half years of getting a proper diagnosis. This disease alone causes 8.2 billion euro to the UK economy in one year in terms of loss of jobs, expenses for treatment, and healthcare costs.

To add to women’s woes, no foolproof treatment has been found against this condition so far. Most experts will offer simple painkillers, hormonal contraception, and, in severe cases, surgery in case someone faces this problem. CBD seems to offer a promise when it comes to endometriosis. Personal experiences, coupled with preliminary research, suggest that CBD can ease the pain effectively and address the endometriosis problem permanently.

What is endometriosis?

In endometriosis, a tissue similar to the one that forms the uterus lining develops inside your uterine cavity. This endometrial tissue can develop in the ovaries, bowel, and tissue lining your pelvis. Sometimes, it can even go beyond your pelvis and is known as the endometrial implant. Usually, this tissue becomes inflammable and painful as hormonal changes occur in your menstrual cycle. As the tissue grows over time, it breaks down, and due to no space to go; it gets trap inside the pelvis. This causes severe irritation, fertility issues, scar formation, adhesions, and major pain during the monthly periods.

In endometriosis, some women may feel higher pain than others, though the condition’s severity does not necessarily mean that you’ll face agonizing pain. In this condition, women feel pain during periods, pain in the lower abdomen before periods, cramps around the period time, more bleeding during the menstrual cycle, pain after sex, bowel movements, and pain in the lower back.

What is the cause of endometriosis?

Before understanding the cause of this endometriosis, let’s understand how periods occur. During the menstrual cycle, the body releases some uterus lining, leading to the flowing of blood through the uterus via a small opening in the cervix, which then goes out through the vagina. Though no particular cause has been found behind the endometriosis condition, there are several theories around it. One among them is retrograde menstruation, in which menstrual blood, instead of going forward, returns to the pelvis cavity via fallopian tubes. Some people also say that endometriosis happens because hormonal changes in the body transform cells outside the uterus into those inside it, leading to this health condition. While other experiences suggest that this could happen if small areas of your abdomen convert into endometrial tissue. Although menstrual blood can also leak into the pelvic body through a surgical scar that may also lead to endometriosis problems.

What is CBD and can it cure endometriosis?

Though there are not many scientific studies to prove that CBD can cure endometriosis, anecdotal evidence suggests taking CBD oil can certainly help ease the pain. But, let’s first understand what CBD is? CBD stands for cannabidiol. This is only one of the 500 different cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis or hemp plants. While some of the cannabinoids can be harmful, this one is really good… so good that this chemical alone can treat a host of critical health-related problems, including acute and chronic diseases, mental health issues, and digestion issues.

For those who may not know, CBD is a chemical compound extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant or more commonly known as the hemp plant. Unlike its cousin, Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, CBD does not cause high or intoxication. It’s also not a psychoactive compound like THC, which is derived from marijuana or cannabis plants. If medical marijuana is legal in your state, CBD may have already become an integral part of life around you. 

People are drawn towards CBD because it’s 100 per cent organic, does not cause hallucination, and gives better results than contemporary medicines without any side-effects. Without making you feel hallucinated, cannabidiol or CBD can relieve severe menstrual cramping that emanates from endometriosis. CBD oil has also proven to be beneficial in curing hormonal problems. There are countless personal experiences by women across the world who swear by CBD for their endometriosis problems. Some women also use CBD topical creams, balms or tinctures on the pelvis and find relief. 

How to use CBD to cure endometriosis problems?

Muscle cramps are the most common form of endometriosis. Many women are now using CBD oil or topicals to cure their problems concerning cramps. Most women prefer to apply CBD creams rather than ingesting the oil could be risky. CBD cream generally targets pain points and interacts with our body’s receptors to produce a calming effect. CBD is known to be effective against inflammation. So women suffering from inflammation due to endometriosis find CBD oil quite useful. The market is flooded with CBD products, and you get them in different shapes and sizes. CBD tinctures and capsules are also the best ways to deal with endometriosis problems. Besides, women facing sleep problems due to this medical condition may also benefit from CBD, which is quite effective against insomnia.

The bottom line 

There’s no doubt that thousands of women have found a loyal ally in the CBD. This cannabis compound not only provides an alternative to contemporary medicines that may come with various side-effects but is also a natural pain reliever. Some women call it the most natural “painkiller”. If you are struggling with the problem of endometriosis and have failed to get a satisfactory solution in contemporary medication, try it out. There’s certainly no harm in trying since it’s 100 percent natural. You can use in many ways — oil, cream, balms, lotion, options are countless. Also, try indulging yourself in more physical activities, avoid regular drinking, and cut down on your sugar intake. Take an expert suggestion, if you need that. Who knows you could get back control over your body, again!

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