CBD oil for Alcohol Addiction

CBD oil for Alcohol Addiction: What’s the reality?

Alcohol Addiction is very prevalent in the United States. It is a condition whereby individuals cannot control the urge to drink. There are many reasons people drink, but over-dependency on drink will make you addicted without knowing it. But is CBD oil there to help this Alchohol Addiction.

This is not a disease with visible symptoms; many do not realize their addiction to alcohol. There are short and long-term effects of Alcohol Addiction. However, short-term effects like violent behaviors, slow reflexes, and restlessness are curable, but long-term diseases like heart and liver disease cannot be cured. 

This brings us to exploring CBD oil for alcohol Addiction. 

What is CBD oil? 

CBD oil is a natural, non-intoxicating, and non-addictive substance that comes from the cannabis plant. A  non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD holds a great deal of potential for preventing and treating drug addiction and alcohol addiction. 

Advantages of CBD Oil for Alcohol Addiction. 

The robust anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil make it a highly

attractive positive agent for treating Alcohol Addiction. 

1.  CBD Oil can prevent the growth of fats in the liver. 

CBD oil for alcohol Addiction is a better anti oxidant than Vitamin C and E. 

     Alcohol Addiction damages the liver in the following way;

  • Alcohol gathers fat taken from your diet, into your liver. 
  • The Fat gathered in the liver disrupts the Liver Function and causes inflammation which will, in the long run, lead to hepatic steatosis (liver disease). 
  • Scientists have found that alcohol triggers steatosis by adding to oxidative stress in the liver.
  • Alcohol Addiction induced steatosis, it prevents autophagy. Autophagy maintains the liver and prevents any abnormal activity. 

CBD oil, on the other hand,  reverses the effects of Alcohol Addiction by;

  • Studies have shown that the antioxidant properties of CBD oil can reduce oxidative stress in the liver. It can free the liver from oxidative stress. 
  • Research has shown that CBD oil can improve autophagy. CBD oil can increase the lowered levels of autophagy caused by alcohol Addiction. 
  • Another study has shown that CBD oil can reverse the harm done by steatosis caused by Alcohol Addiction and improve symptoms. 

2.   CBD oil can shield the Liver from injury caused by Alcohol Addiction. 

Different people have different alcohol tolerance level mostly caused by the environment. Other have a genetic code due to the enzymes in the bodies that enables them to break down the alcohol. 

  • Alcohol is broken down by the body enzymes produced by our DNA. 
  • The immune system is activated by Alcohol Addiction to release pro-inflammatory chemicals that lead to inflamed liver and oxidative stress. 
  • White blood cells destroy the liver and cause alcohol-induced liver injury. 
  • It was found earlier that CBD oil stops the production of pro-inflammatory molecules. 
  • The research concluded that CBD is a strong immunosuppressive. It protects the liver by stopping the inflammatory response from damaging the liver. 
  • CBD stops Neutrophils from the liver, which prevents alcohol-induced liver injury. 

3.   CBD oil might decrease the blood alcohol levels. 

CBD oil for alcohol Addiction has been an area of study for scientists. In 2018, Epidiolex became the first CBD oral supplement to be approved for the treatment of 2 types of epilepsies.

  • A 2019 review clearly shows the clinical evidence we currently have to back CBD as a novel therapeutic agent for alcoholism. However,  human trials show some effectiveness of CBD oil in managing symptoms of Alcohol Addiction. 
  • Out of the 3 human trials,  one found out that CBD reduces alcohol blood levels when CBD is consumed with alcohol. 
  • Some researchers agree that CBD oil will influence the absorption of alcohol into the blood from the stomach and intestines. more research needs to be conducted to know why. 

4.   CBD oil can guard the brain against damage from Alcohol Addiction. 

The effects of Alcohol Addiction on the brain is clearly seen in patients battling Alcohol Addiction.  CBD oil for Alcohol Addiction can protect the brain from these damages. Let’s highlight how alcohol Addiction damages the brain;

  • Alcohol Addiction kills Brain cells which lead to behavioral and cognitive impairment. Most people don’t remember what happened the night before drinking due to the high level of alcohol in the body. 
  • The parts of your brain that are prone to Alcohol Addiction are the parts responsible for ;problem solving, learning,  attention,  memory and behavior control. 
  • Alzeheimer’s diseases is also a symbol of the extensive brain damage that is caused  Alcohol Addiction. 

CBD oil can help reduce the effect of Alcohol Addiction by:

  • The anti oxidant nature of CBD oil can help bring down the toxicity in order to prevent the brain cells from being damaged. 
  • Scientists have discovered that higher dose of CBD oil led to a reduction in neurodegeneration by up to 50% in certain brain parts.
  • More studies have shown that with the use of a protein,  CBD oil can protect the brain cell from damage and toxic agents like alcohol. 

How does CBD oil help with ending Alcohol Addiction?

Though there’s been no effective human research on Alcohol Addiction,  Scientists believe that the research on the Addiction of drug and substances can be applicable to Alcohol Addiction. 

  • Research conducted on animals have proved that CBD oil reduces the motivation to take alcohol. This could help prevent alcohol relapses. 
  • Another research has shown that CBD oil , combined with drugs administered used to manage alcohol dependence ,  will help boost the performance than when administered alone. 
  • Combination of CBD with the drugs used to manage Alcohol Addiction will reduce the side effects as the dosage will be lowered. 

Side Effects of CBD oil for Alcohol Addiction

  • CBD oil might disrupt the metabolism and effectiveness of other drugs administered to stop Alcohol Addiction. 
  • It might stop clot formation by influencing platelet formation, thus worsen bleeding in the patient. 


CBD pain relief, anti-inflammation, and other properties will certainly be studied further as consumer demand increases after the recent legalization of industrial hemp in the United States.

As part of a successful CBD oil for Alcohol Addiction treatment plan at all phases — from prevention to intervention to withdrawal symptom reduction and relapse prevention — CBD is becoming more and more integrated as a solution by consumers, medical professionals, and addiction and recovery specialists.

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