CBD Shampoo

CBD Shampoo: Everything You Need to Know

CBD is in everything nowadays. From oils to tinctures and gummy bears to candies, the compound has merited its inclusion in a whole range of hair care products. CBD is known for its various therapeutic benefits. But, what not many people know is that hemp-based CBD shampoo or CBD oil strengthens hair follicles and revitalizes your hair. 

CBD shampoo is made from hemp oil, a treasure trove of proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. These compounds, along with CBD, restore the natural balance of your scalp and nourish your hair.

 Whether you have damaged strands or dull-looking hair, CBD will give your hair-health a major boost.

Why Use CBD Shampoo?

One of the best ways to keep your hair radiant and clean is hemp CBD shampoo. The powerful formula is made from hemp CBD oil and a powerful blend of other natural ingredients. With CBD shampoo, you will revitalize your scalp and get the lush locks you’ve always dreamt of. 

The best part: Hemp-based shampoo doesn’t discriminate between genders. It’s equally good for both men and women. 

Furthermore, with CBD shampoo, you don’t have to worry about sulfates and other harmful chemicals. You can rest assured that the product you’re using is 100% natural. 

This shampoo is just great for cleansing your hair — it’s also a great repairer and reviver. 

What Does CBD Shampoo Do?

The charm of CBD shampoo lies in its active ingredient — CBD or cannabidiol. 

CBD can interact with the endocannabinoid system in the human body, a vast network of cell signaling receptors that regulate critical functions, such as inflammation, mood, and sleep. 

The core mission of the endocannabinoid system is to maintain the homeostasis of the body and harmonize changes. When something shifts, the ECS helps the body adapt. It accomplishes this through special compounds called endocannabinoids, which the body produces naturally. 

Researchers indicate that CBD can influence the activity of endocannabinoids, helping run ECS more efficiently. But, this all unfolds when you take CBD orally. 

The real question is, what happens when you administer CBD to your skin or your hair?

As it turns out, the human skin also has ECS receptors embedded into its surface. If you rub CBD topical, or more specifically CBD shampoo, these receptors get activated and provide localized benefits. Because CBD science is in its infancy, scientists are still finding out the mechanism behind this. 

Does CBD Shampoo Promote Hair Growth?

The manner in which CBD taps into the endocannabinoid system, it’s possible it could help with scalp-related issues and promote hair growth. 

There are several reasons why CBD has been touted as an excellent treatment for skin-related conditions, including those associated with the scalp. 

The US government has patented CBD’s anti inflammatory effects. This is because the compound acts on cytokines, which contribute to problems like dandruff. So, if you have a flaky scalp, then trying out CBD may change things for you. 

Right now, there are no conclusive studies focused on studying the effects of cannabidiol on scalp health. However, anecdotal evidence from public forums and communities suggests that CBD oil for treating hair loss may work. 

That said, you should practice caution when applying CBD directly to your scalp. Although CBD has an excellent safety profile, aside from a few side effects, it doesn’t cause any serious complications; you should talk to your doctor before using CBD in any form. 

CBD is thought to interact with certain medications and reduce their bioavailability. Especially, those individuals who are on medications that come with a grapefruit warning should tread with caution.

What makes it so healthy?

 The richness and therapeutic value of CBD shampoo are attributed to the following ingredients:

  •   Amino Acids: CBD contains all 21 amino acids. And some of these amino acids are excellent for hair growth and nourishment. Amino acids bond together to form proteins, proteins, in turn, make hair collagen and elastin. Because CBD shampoo aids in this process, it could make your hair voluminous and thick. 
  •  Antioxidants and Minerals: Free radical compounds cause oxidative stress and age many critical parts of the human body, including the hair. They are responsible for causing stress, anxiety, and many other mental health complications. CBD shampoo contains many vitamins and antioxidants that neutralize antioxidants’ action and provide relief to the body. Oxidation is a grave danger to healthy hair. CBD shampoo can combat it and give your hair the defense it needs to sustain its lusciousness. 
  •  Essential Fatty Acids: The balance of omega-three and omega-six fatty acids is very important to maintain the body’s internal environment. If these two compounds are out of proportion, you may experience moisture loss and frizzy hair. Hemp shampoo can revitalize moisture and prevent your hair from looking dull and frizzy. 
  • Color: If you’re one of those rare individuals with colored hair, CBD shampoo is perfect for you. One amino acid CBD contains tyrosine, which is famous for maintaining hair color. 

If you want your hair to look strong, shining, healthy, and full of moisture, topical CBD shampoo is your best bet. Many conventional products contain harmful compounds that may make matters worse instead of helping. So, making the switch to a natural product is a no-brainer. 

Final Thoughts

Maybe CBD shampoo is the solution your hair needs. But, you’ll never know if you don’t try. Every person’s experience varies. While some people have gotten great results with the product, others have been a bit skeptical. The science on CBD and hair loss is dwindling. That’s why there’s a lot of ifs and whys surrounding the compound. 

But, because cannabidiol is such a mild and approachable natural compound, there’s no harm in giving it a go. So, next time you shop for shampoo. Check out some reputable sellers of CBD shampoos, and see whether they make the difference for your hair or not. Make sure to check the ingredients. Your shampoo should only contain natural ingredients — no sulfates or parabens. 

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