Meditation with Cannabis

How to do Meditation with Cannabis: A Complete Guide

For many, cannabis isn’t just another alternative medicine; it’s also an escape into the calm and surreal world of meditation. Anyone who’s had a puff of indica knows how deadly a combination of cannabis and meditation is.

Despite this, there’s a rampant misunderstanding in some circles that cannabis and meditation are a bad fit.  And part of the reason this confusion has increased is that people don’t know how to safely couple the two practices.

During the course of this article, we will show you how you can make cannabis work with meditation without fail.

Why Does Meditation Work Without Cannabis?

There are a lot of people who believe that meditation is superstitious hokum. However, this is far from the truth.

Several studies have shown that meditation has anti-aging and cognitive benefits. Yes, simply sitting in silence and giving your mind the freedom to wander without restraints can prove wonders for your physical and mental well-being. 

People use meditative practices for various reasons. Some do it to release stress, while others do it to evade an imminent episode of anxiety.

There’s also anecdotal and scientific evidence that meditation can help with insomnia. Many people have found success in sleeping at night after a good meditative session.

 And you’d be surprised to know that people are on restrictive diets like Ketogenic and Carnivore have used meditation to curb cravings with great success.

How Cannabis Enhances Meditation?

Despite the obvious benefits, the idea of just sitting around and staying still betrays the agile fabric of certain people. The dullness and boredom creep in, and they cave into old habits like smoking a joint. The good news is that smoking weed won’t come in the way of your alone time. In fact, it might make the experience more fulfilling. 

Cannabis Can Calm Nerves While Meditating

Life is hard in modern times. There’s so much to process. Even fleeting moments are cramped with so many cerebral obligations.

Cannabis, coupled with meditation, can help with this.

Most stoners will approve of this claim. Research is also a staunch advocate of cannabis’s stress-relieving properties. So, if you’re having a hard time slowing things down, why not have a puff of cannabis and meditate alongside. You won’t have to exhaust yourself racing out thoughts and can focus on the here and now.

How to Couple Cannabis with Meditation

Knowing cannabis and meditation work great together isn’t enough. You have to know how to combine them both to great effect.

For instance, you have to know your limits with whatever strain of cannabis you’re smoking. If it’s a new and strong strain, don’t rush into the process. Start slow before meditating with it. As a general recommendation, don’t smoke a lot before your sessions.

It’s important to keep your high under control. An unmanageable high will cause you to lose control and slip into a deep slumber instead of staying focused.

To make the best of your stoned meditation, start with a quarter of what you usually smoke. This is a good baseline to prevent things from spiraling out of control.

Another thing to remember is to smoke before meditation. Burning midway may break your focus from the present moment.

CBD and Meditation

THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis. Researchers have linked its adverse psychoactive effects, such as hallucinations and delirium. There’s also evidence to believe that it might exacerbate underlying mental conditions, such as schizophrenia. Another problem with THC is that it can show up in a drug test and land you in legal trouble.

So, if you’re not willing to expose yourself to THC for either of these reasons, there’s an alternative, and it’s called CBD or cannabidiol.

CBD isn’t psychotropic and doesn’t alter consciousness. While the high may boost meditation to a certain extent, it’s the other medicinal benefits of cannabis that make the most difference. And fortunately, CBD is known to possess many of these therapeutic properties.

Just take a few puffs of a CBD-dense strain and experience the anxiety wither way. If you live with constant nausea, CBD could even dial it down to help you stay in a meditated state for long periods. CBD’s medicinal value is still being explored, but the initial results paint a promising picture.

Cannabis Strains Great for Meditation

Now, it’s time to uncover the strains tailor-made for meditation. Some of our top choices are as follows:


If you need to put a brake to your racing thoughts before meditation, indica is your best bet. Indica strains are renowned for keeping you lodged to one spot and ensure you have the peace of mind you need to enjoy your session. Just one tip: Don’t overdo it. Burn a bit of the strain and see how you respond. The end goal is meditation, not an Alice in Wonderland rabbit-hole sleep.


If settling down isn’t your thing, you may be interested in exciting your spirit. Yes, meditation doesn’t always have to be tranquil. It can also be energizing and uplifting. But you have to be careful. Taking too much Sativa can get you high and slip out of the meditative state. Moderation is key. Preach it. Practice it. And you’ll see results.

Full-Spectrum CBD for Meditation

As already mentioned, if THC doesn’t sit well with your preferences, try a strain high in CBD. These strains still contain THC, but it’s too little to have any negative effect. We’d suggest a full-spectrum CBD product for optimal results because of the entourage effect. In the entourage effect, both THC and CBD work together to maximize and moderate each other’s therapeutic properties, making the entire experience perfect for meditation.

Why Meditation and Cannabis are Important?

It’s easy to get caught in today’s busy world. There’s so much to deal with. Jobs. Responsibilities. Parenthood. Funerals. Births. I mean, the frenzy never ends. Its burdens toil on and on. But, meditation provides a way out. A back door and an instant escape to a world beyond the reach of worrisome possibilities. But, you need to make sure you’re mixing cannabis with meditation correctly. Otherwise, you might be discouraged with the entire experience and miss out altogether.

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