Marijuana for depression

Is Medical Marijuana for Depression Legal?

Studies have shown that an average adult experiences depression at least once in his or her life. Young people have also joined the trend of depression before reaching adulthood. This has led scientists to explore the effects of Medical Marijuana for depression in different ways. 

Most recent studies have shown a link between the body’s endocannabinoid system and depression, which could help explain why most people use cannabis in place of the legal pharmaceutical alternatives. That does not mean that any strain of marijuana will work. If you have no legal access to marijuana, it might not be a wise choice. This brings us to the ultimate question as to the legality of medical marijuana for depression. 

What is Depression? 

Just like other psychological conditions, depression is easy to hide. It is a serious mental illness that negatively affects one’s thinking, lifestyle and wellbeing. It comes with feelings of sadness, reduced quality of life,  isolation, insomnia, expression of extreme guilt, loss of appetite, suicidal thoughts and so on. 

Depression affects relations with people generally at school, place of work or neighbourhood,  victims tend to withdraw from the outside world. 

Types of Depression. 

  • Anxiety disorder: People living with depression tend to be restless and panic over events or loss of control over circumstances that  surrounds them.
  • Mixed Feeling: Some patients tend to be on the high side of life to cover up their depression. Features include  elevated self-esteem, increase in energy and talkativeness.
  • Melancholic Feelings: While some exhibit high features,  some lose interest in everything that once made them happy and engaged. This depression leads to withdrawal. 
  • Psychotic behaviors : Patients can develop symptoms like Delusions or hallucinations with this form of depression.
  • Catatonia: This form of Depression severely impacts motor function, including purposeless and sluggish movement.
  • Peripartum Onset: This type of depression comes from the onset of pregnancy 

How does Medical Marijuana help treat Depression? 

There is a misconception that marijuana actually causes depression. This is a notion that came up because people with depression turn to smoke marijuana to escape depression. Hence, this has helped keep the suicidal thoughts and tendencies far away as they get to escape reality due to the effects of THC. 

It is advisable to get medical Marijuana for depression instead of self medicating on it, this helps to provide the correct dosage needed to cure depression. Medical Marijuana helps with depression in the following ways;

  • Medical Marijuana for depression can lift energy and heighten the mood of the patient away from the symptoms of depression. 
  • Treat diseases like cancer, HIV, or arthritis with Medical Marijuana. Patients with these diseases tend to be depressed but medical Marijuana helps them to cope with the depressing feeling. 
  • Scientists are trying to explore the means by which the right dosage of medical Marijuana can cure psychological depression. 
  • The endocannabinoid system also helps to keep people away from depression. It helps to achieve and maintain homeostasis and keeps the body system in balance. If the system does not function properly, diseases like depression can spring up. 
  • Racing thoughts make it difficult to relax and have a relaxed sleep.  The sedative effects present in the cannabinoids found in Medical Marijuana can help to calm a person with anxiety disorder which is a form of depression. 
  • Medical Marijuana may also increase general appetite. People with depression tend to have a loss of appetite and extreme weight loss. Medical Marijuana for depression can help them to eat more. 

How to use Medical Marijuana for depression?

There are different ways and means of administering medical Marijuana for depression to patients. Some people prefer one way over the other,  some methods come with more benefits and better usage. You can ask your Marijuana doctor for which method is suitable for you. 

The methods include:

  • Smoking:  this is one of the most common and direct methods of administering medical marijuana for depression. It may also provide instant relief. 
  • Edibles

Most people prefer this because they consume it orally without going through the smoke effect. You can mix the edibles with marijuana like brownies or gummies. This way you can take it with discretion without drawing the attention of others to it. 

  • Oral Drops or spray

You can directly administer it on the tongue. It is a method that will not lead to any adverse effects. It can be used to calm anxiety and induce sleep. 

  • Transdermal Patches

Much like the nicotine patches you may have seen that help people stop smoking, these patches are applied to a hairless part of your skin and designed to release a slow, controlled dosage of cannabis throughout the day. This delivery method is extremely effective at making use of the entire dosage, with nothing being lost during the digestion process.

Side Effects of Medical Marijuana for Depression

  • The usage of medical Marijuana for depression comes with its own side effects. Smoking has always been linked to different diseases or symptoms like red eyes, dry throats,  lung disease, and so on. 
  • There are ongoing studies and mixed up opinions as to whether marijuana causes or prevents depression. 
  • Psychosis is linked to the use of Marijuana. There is speculation that it might trigger it in patients dealing with depression. 

Legality of Medical Marijuana for depression 

Some countries and states are yet to legalize the use or cultivation of marijuana. While some have legalized Marijuana, there are restrictions on the use and intake of it. Some countries have allowed marijuana as a treatment for chronic diseases or symptoms in patients. Nevertheless, it is advisable to contact your doctor if you are exhibiting symptoms of depression before making use of medical Marijuana for self-medication. 


Though you might be making use of medical Marijuana for depression treatment, there are other things you should consider doing to avoid depression. Try to free yourself from stressful and negative events that trigger depression. Surround yourself with a community of people that will help you heal and fill your life with all-around positivity. 

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