THC-free CBD oil

What does THC-free CBD oil mean?

A significant part of the American population uses CBD or cannabidiol-based oils as they promise to address many health issues. People looking for natural ways of treatment generally prefer CBD-based products as they come with no side-effects. However, many are still use these products due to certain apprehensions around cannabis’ qualities. But now there’s a solution for the ‘intoxication’ it causes. If you are looking for THC-free CBD oils or, for that matter, any product, you may be in for a surprise. Companies are coming with unique CBD-based oils, using various permutations and combinations to cater to people’s specific needs. This article shall discuss THC-free CBD oils, their pros, and cons and what they mean for CBD users.

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What does THC-free CBD oil mean?

For the uninitiated, CBD is one among 500 chemical compounds or also known as cannabinoids found in a cannabis plant. This cannabinoid has gained so much popularity in recent years that there’s an entire industry that has developed around it. From mental health to chronic pain and indigestion to inflammation — CBD holds properties to cure all of them without causing any side-effects. Though research around CBD is still growing, it may be a few more years before all these claims are scientifically proven. However, people who are using these products to treat physical or mental pains swear by them. 

CBD is extracted from a hemp plant, a variety of cannabis, or marijuana. For some people, it is like a ‘wonder drug’ with no psychoactive effects of opioids. People are not only amazed after experiencing complete recovery from pain using CBD but have also become its most vocal proponents.

Most CBD oils come with some percentage of THC in them, which are meant to produce ‘mild’ intoxication, just to make you feel okay in your space. However, for some people, THC is a threshold they can’t cross and so, a big no-no. That’s why they can go for THC-free CBD oils. They don’t contain ‘intoxicating’ cannabinoids but only those with therapeutic properties.

What are the types of THC-free CBD oils?

CBD oil is generally made using oil as an extract. To make them THC-free, one has to use two different types of cannabinoids — broad-spectrum oils and CBD isolate oils. Broad-spectrum oils contain all sorts of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids present in marijuana or cannabis plants, except THC. While a variety of cannabinoids give them medicinal properties, terpenes and flavonoids are there for therapeutic as well as aromatic characteristics. The isolated CBD oils, however, contain only CBD, while other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are taken out before extracting the final product. Both these types of CBD oils are becoming quite popular among those who don’t like THC in their CBD oils.

Advantages and disadvantages of THC-free CBD oils

Both broad-spectrum CBD oils and CBD isolate oils have a lot of potential medical benefits. Besides, they don’t have THC content, which means they cater to the broader customer base. These THC-free CBD oils hold therapeutic properties and can be used by people of ages, except children of course. The disadvantage is that you may miss the “entourage effect”. The entourage effect is a theory based on which CBD oils work better when combined with THC. Countless anecdotal experiences suggest CBD and THC work like ‘magic’ when clubbed together but still, some people don’t like it. 

Also, between broad-spectrum and isolated oils, some prefer isolated oils due to the wide variety of aroma and tastes available in them. The broad-spectrum based CBD products don’t have a taste or smell of their own and have an earthy taste. Experts say people who are too much concerned about THC content in these CBD spectrum oils may also want to rethink their decision to use CBD at all because this cannabinoid can’t be fully extracted. You’ll always find ‘minor’ but some form of THC in all CBD oils even though companies claim CBD oils to be 100 percent THC-free.

How to choose THC-free CBD oils?

The selection criteria work exactly as it is for other CBD-based products. One has to make sure the producer qualifies all the safety and quality rules. They must provide proof that the product has been cleared by an independent and government authorised third-party lab for authenticity. If you are a US resident, look for products produced locally; they offer total value for money. Go to the producer’s website to see their production method and make sure they have cleared all mandatory tests authorised by the US FDA to check the presence of pesticides and metals. You should also look for parameters such as manufacturing method, potency, ingredients and company’s reputation as a CBD maker.

What are the health benefits of THC-free CBD oils?

CBD oils without THC content in them work almost the same as CBD oils with THC, except for the entourage effect that’s missing in the former. One can use them to manage all kinds of bodily pains, including chronic ones. Regular use of CBD oil can cure chronic pain issues. Experts recommend that people undergoing acute pain should use CBD oils to get instant relief. People are also using CBD oil to recover from arthritis, headaches, inflammatory issues and back pain. 

The conclusion

As CBD oils gain immense popularity, many scam artists are also tricking customers to fall into their traps. One must look for quality CBD oils to gain actual medicinal benefit. It may not be easy to choose the right kind of CBD oils among a sea of CBD brands flooding the markets every day. Before buying the CBD product, look for manufacturing methods and sources of hemp, and if possible, check the company’s claims on “THC-free CBD”. The US federal government has eased norms around CBD production and consumption, but more regulations are required to ensure companies offer everything claimed in the product description. Apart from the things discussed above, people should also do individual research to ensure the product they buy is genuine. Lastly, look for companies that have built a reputation for selling CBD oils in the market over the years.

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