CBD in oral health

What’s the role of CBD in oral health?

Just like other body parts, our teeth are also invaluable. Once lost, you never get the real ones back. Most of us take care of our teeth well, or at least, try to take good care. Despite using the best quality toothpaste, mouthwash, and maintaining oral health (with CBD), our teeth become victims of oral diseases. These diseases are so common that the WHO has listed them among the most common non-communicable diseases in the world. Even the thought of it could be troubling. Teeth are not only important for eating food but they complete our physical personality. Nevertheless, they also help us present the best version of ourselves. 

So, there must be a better way to handle oral health. A way that provides protection from germs and also nourishes teeth to ensure longevity. Well, CBD seems to have offered promise. And to your surprise, many people are already using these CBD-based oral health products. In other words, after taking over the health, beauty industries by storm, this beautiful cannabis compound is now gaining huge popularity in the dental wellness field too. 

Is CBD better than regular toothpaste?

Experts suggest CBD products may have a bright future when it comes to oral health. To establish this point, a study conducted by Belgium researchers found cannabinoids to be more effective in cutting down bacterial colony count in teeth. The cannabinoid-based products such as toothpaste and mouthwash were much more effective than famous brands like Oral B and Colgate. Interestingly, the researchers also found that in reducing dental plaque, CBD-based mouthwash was as effective as 0.2 percent chlorhexidine mouthwashes (also known as the gold standard of dental hygiene. The study also revealed that CBD might offer better solutions than traditional dental products when taking care of teeth and maintaining oral hygiene.  

Tooth decay finds permanent solution in CBD

No one wishes their teeth to decay, not till at least they reach a certain old age. But decay-causing bacteria can shatter this wishful thinking early on if you fail to eradicate these bacteria in time. As per dental science, streptococcus mutans and streptococcus sobrinus are the two main bacteria that cause tooth decay and cavities. The contemporary antibacterial solutions work well in wiping out these bacteria. But, there’s a problem — they also knockout healthy bacteria in the process. The other common problem is the re-colonization of these bacteria. Studies have proven that CBD-based dental products can kick these two bacteria out, thus maintaining our dental health and cutting down the risk of our teeth catching cavities.

Efficacy of dental cannabinoids products 

A study conducted by researchers Veronica Stahl and Kumar Vasudevan, which was published in January 2020, compared the efficacy of cannabinoids versus commercial oral care products in reducing bacterial content from dental plaque. The research revealed that CBD-based dental products were as effective in maintaining oral hygiene as commercially available top brands. It concluded that regular use of dental CBD products could be quite effective in reducing the bacterial colony count. The study revealed that this could also open new avenues in the next-generation oral care. 

Get maximum benefit out of CBD in Oral Hygiene

CBD, due to its magical properties, can also offer various other benefits that are not directly related to dental care. For example, if you are feeling anxious about a dental procedure, CBD can help reduce stress. Just take a minimal dose of CBD before sleep a night before, and you will handle the situation well. If you are one of those who just freak out on hearing the word ‘dentist’, take CBD an hour before the dental practice, and it’ll lessen the associated pain completely. Once the surgery is done, apply a sterile pad dipped in CBD oil and it’ll work as an analgesic. It’ll also not allow the bacteria to develop at the spot where the procedure was performed. 

CBD’s role in maintaining gum health 

Many people suffer from bone loss due to various gum diseases. While you can choose contemporary surgical processes to repair the loss of dental bone, CBD-based oral health is more effective. Studies have proved that the regular use of CBD products can reduce bone loss significantly and you will start seeing the result in less than 30 days. 

CBD keeps pH level maintained in mouth 

This may sound a little scientific but it is super important. If your teeth are in no-so-good condition, oral bacteria are likely breaking down carbohydrates, which results in the release of acids that drop the pH level in your mouth. The resultant acidic environment can deprive your teeth of benefitting from precious minerals. This is also the main cause of tooth decay. The regular use of CBD — which is known to be a natural antibacterial chemical — can keep the pH level maintained at the optimum level, thus helping our teeth grow stronger.  

CBD improves overall oral health 

CBD has already proved to be an effective tool against a host of diseases. Its anti-inflammatory properties can address digestive disorders better than conventional treatment. And, inflammation has direct links to periodontal diseases and chronic inflammatory complications. As per an American Academy of Periodontology report, despite the earlier findings that bacteria were linked to periodontal disease and health complications, it’s found that inflammation may also be linked with periodontal diseases. As we discussed in the previous articles, CBD possesses properties that can help us treat major diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and respiratory diseases.

 The road ahead 

 Though CBD offers hope that we may find better and effective cannabis-based solutions for our tooth problems, it’s also time to explore it more deeply to understand the full benefits. Early signs show cannabinoids can put a stop on plaque formation, tooth decay and bone loss. However, studies done so far are based on preliminary findings and involve a much smaller set of data. The need is to conduct large scale clinical trials to assess CBD’s long-term effect on our teeth. It’s also important to access these studies by other groups to avoid any conflict of interest.

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