CBD boom

Why Is CBD Experiencing a Sudden Boom?

The CBD boom has risen to explosive popularity in the last decade. The compound, known for its therapeutic benefits, has become the hottest name in the health and wellness industry almost in a heartbeat.

Derived from hemp, cannabidiol has merited its inclusion in various products, from beverages and edibles to oils and tinctures. There are also CBD shampoos available on the market for hair growth — that says a lot about CBD’s widespread application. 

CBD is a relatively new product. But, its demand is shooting through the roofs. Every cannabis manufacturer is scrambling to commercialize the compound.

There are several reasons behind CBD’s sudden boom in popularity, the topmost being health benefits and legalization. We will discuss these in this article to shed the enormous attention cannabidiol has garnered from potential suitors. 


CBD is legal in the US, under certain terms and conditions.

 Because the compound is extracted from hemp, it contains other cannabinoids in trace amounts. One of these is THC, which is known to induce mind-altering highs closely associated with smoking weed. 

THC is listed as a controlled substance in FDA’s guidelines, and therefore illegal above a certain threshold. As long as your CBD product doesn’t contain more than .3% THC, you’re in the clear. Anything beyond that will raise questions. 

While legalization has stalled at the federal level, things have been promising stateside. The Farm Bill of 2018 allowed many cannabis cultivators to produce and sell CBD. As the demand for the compound increases, CBD proponents are hopeful that federal legalization will follow suit. 

Sudden Boom in CBD

Therapeutic benefits

Scientific and anecdotal evidence backs many of CBD’s purported health benefits. However, CBD science is still in its early phases. 

Most of the studies are based on animal models and paint an inconclusive picture. There’s a need to conduct extensive human clinical trials to concretize the compound’s status as a pharmaceutical drug.

That said, existing research suggests CBD has many potential benefits. From relieving chronic pain to fighting excess inflammation and reducing stress, the compound has been shown to produce many therapeutic effects. 

In 2018, the FDA approved a CBD-based oral solution called Epidiolex. Children living with epilepsy have used Epidiolex, and the results have been promising. Right now Epidiolex is the only CBD-derived pharmaceutical grade available in pharmacies. 


Skin health is a critical concern in modern times. Harsh exposure to the sun and other environments has deteriorated skin longevity worldwide. CBD has shown a boom for a range of skin-healing properties. There is a long line of CBD-infused beauty products available today that you can use to fight acne, remove blemishes, and employ as sleep masks. Women are the primary consumers of these products. 

The surge in the usage of these products is also because consumers realize the harsh impact conventional products have on the environment and their health. Because of this, they are shifting towards natural solutions, such as CBD. And with so many blends and creams to choose from, this transition has been a lot easier to make. 


In today’s fast-paced world, where everyone is on edge and where there’s a deluge of stressors at every turn, it’s important to have an instant-relief provider. Especially with COVID-19 and economic tensions at an increasing high, anxiety levels are rocketing. Thankfully, CBD is there to help. 

More and more people are seeking natural remedies to cope, with CBD being the top choice. 

CBD has been shown to improve focus and relieve tension. So, if you have an important work meeting or a project deadline to meet, a CBD cigarette or tincture can prevent stage fright and increase productivity. 

The best part: CBD doesn’t have any severe side effects. Some trials have suggested that CBD may cause lung damage, but only at unrealistically high doses, almost impossible to consume under normal circumstances. 

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

Opioid addiction has wreaked havoc on the lives of millions of people. It has affected relationships, social approval and led to several physical impediments. 

Most of the treatments for substance abuse are ineffective. Instead of helping, they cause adverse effects in the long run. That’s why most opioid addicts are relying on CBD to fight their addictions and put them on a fast-track to rehabilitation. 

A growing body of research shows that not only is CBD non-addictive, it also has the potential to curb drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms. When coupled with counseling, CBD can provide a holistic treatment for those living with substance abuse issues


As we mentioned earlier, the range of CBD products isn’t limited. Today, you can get your hands on CBD chocolates, gummy bears, sexual lubricants, beers, and so many other CBD-infused treats. With CBD providing such fast flexibility, manufacturers are unleashing their creativity to great effect. 

And it’s not just companies that are showcasing their imagination. We also have chefs makings CBD recipes like CBD coffee and CBD avocado toasts. 

The variety of CBD products available means there’s a lot to go around. Even your pets can benefit if they have an underlying condition or live with brain-numbing seizures. 


AS the stigmatization surrounding cannabis has lifted, CBD has become widely available. From online stores to pharmacies, there are a lot of places you can get your hands on the CBD products you need.  

Many consumers have turned towards online stores in the current unfolding pandemic because they provide the safest option. The fact that you can get CBD from so many different places is a testament to the compound’s massive boom in popularity and demand. 

Bottom line

The internet is filled with reviews and testimonials of CBD’s immense medical benefits. With such a loyal fanbase backing the compounds, there’s an increasing temptation to try out the compound first-hand. That said, CBD research is still premature. While anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD may help with acne, anxiety, epilepsy, and even cancer, scientific findings haven’t corroborated these claims. As more studies come to light, we’ll find out whether CBD is the real deal or not. Existing research paints a promising picture, which is a sign for better things to come. 

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