Cannabis Cause Global warming

Can Smoking Cannabis Cause Global warming?

The Cannabis industry is one the greenest industry but there are still doubts as to the relationship between cannabis and the environment. There have been debates and studies on whether smoking Cannabis causes global warming or not. 

What is Global Warming? 

The average world temperature has rapidly increased for over 50 years now. This is not about to end soon because studies have shown that the earth has been at its hottest since the 2000s.

 Scientists have warned that if the global warming emissions are not reduced,  global temperature will worsen over the coming years. 

Causes of Global warming

1.  Greenhouse effect 

This is the most common and popular cause of global warming. Some gases emitted into the atmosphere form a cloud-like closure effect over the earth and stops the sun heat from going outer space thus heating up the earth. 

Most of these gases are emitted naturally but human activities have increased the concentration more  than what is needed thereby resulting in climate change reactions from the earth. These gases include;

  • Carbon dioxide (Co2)
  • Methane
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Fluorinated gases

2.    Burning Coal, Oil and Gas. 

  Burning coal,  oil and gas also releases gases like carbon oxide and nitrous oxide into the air. This contributes to global warming. 

3.   Deforestation

      Trees help to balance the climate by taking in the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and replacing it with oxygen for human consumption. When you cut down these trees,  the carbon dioxide absorbed in them are released back into the atmosphere leading to Co2 pollution. 

The advantages of these trees are lost during Deforestation contributing to the adverse effects of climate change. 

4.  Increased Livestock farming. 

Due to the high demand and consumption of meat and diary products,  there have been increased Livestock farming globally. Cows and sheeps release large amount of methane when they digest food. Methane is one of the gases that contribute to global warming. 

How can Smoking Cannabis cause global warming? 

1.  Release of Carbon dioxide (CO2)

CO2 is the greenhouse gas most commonly produced by human activities and it is responsible for 64% of man-made global warming. Its concentration in the atmosphere is currently 40% higher than it was when industrialisation began.  

  • Smoking Cannabis releases smoke into the atmosphere. It is a fact that smoke contains carbon dioxide that serves as a pollutant leading to global warming.
  •  The carbon dioxide builds up to add those emitted from fossil fuel to warm up the earth. 
  • Some have argued that carbon dioxide released from smoking cannabis is not enough to contribute to global warming. 

2.   Production of Blunt wraps. 

Smoking Cannabis causes global warming due to the amount of paper used to wrap the cannabis joint or cigarettes.  Cannabis is usually wrapped in paper for the smoker’s convenience. This less to high production of the wrapping paper to meet up with demands. 

  • Studies have shown that when  wrapping joints or cigarettes,  about four to five miles of paper is consumed by the hour. 
  • The wrap paper for smoking Cannabis is gotten from trees. This means that trees would have to be cut down and processed to get paper. Imagine all the carbon dioxide released due to the production of these wrap papers used for smoking Cannabis. 
  • It is estimated that these trees could have absorbed about 22 million tons of Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 
  • Studies have compared the effects of cutting down trees for the production of wrap papers or cigarettes to burning 2.8 billion gallons of fuel. 

3.   Disposal of Cannabis cigarettes. 

Cigarette buds are known as the world’s number one source of litter and it contains biodegradable filters. One out of every five litter in the world is a cigarette bud. 

  • Cannabis cigarette buds are made of a synthetic fiber known as cellulose acetate. This usually takes very long to decompose. 
  • They also contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Chemicals are released to the soil,  air  or water depending on where it was disposed. 
  • A study in 2011 found out the Harmful Chemicals that are released in the process of disposal. They include;nicotine, cyanide, acetone, arsenic, even heavy metals such as barium, chromium, and lead. 

As much as smoking cannabis can cause global warming in it’s little way,  cultivation of cannabis can actually help reversing the effects of global warming and is eco friendly. 

Production of Cannabis and Its Benefits on Global Warming. 

  • Less Pollution. 

Cannabis is not a plant that can just grow anywhere,  it doesn’t need fertilizers,  herbicides, or pesticides,  this reduces the amount of pollution to water,  air, and land. 

Through a process called photo mere dost hon,  cannabis sativa actually cleans up the chemicals from the earth. 

  • Sustainable Agriculture 

Growing cannabis replenished the soul by adding nitrogen and other nutrients to it. It increases the top soil and revives the health and fertility of the soil. 

  • Control of Erosion. 

Cannabis sativa has long roots that can hold the soul together,  this prevents or avoids erosion. 

  • Carbon Withdrawal

Cannabis is known for its fast growth. This means that cannabis plants can absorb carbon dioxide and give back to the earth. 

  • Neat industry.

Unlike Others,  cannabis does not require chlorine because it gets its wood or cotton fiber. Making use of cannabis fiber instead of paper will make  an impact on environmental sustàinability. 

  • Eco fuel. 

Cannabis produces 80% less carbon dioxide compared to fossil fuel. This means the fuel emitted does not block up the ozone layer,  it helps to generate less greenhouse gases. 

It has shown to be 10 times less toxic salt. 

  • Cannabis helps to save water and land. 

Its plant needs little or no water to grow. This helps to save more water for earth and environmental consumption. 

One acre of usable hemp fiber is equal to the usable talk of 4 acres of trees or 2 acres of cotton. Cannabis production can reduce Deforestation.


As much as Smoking cannabis can cause global warming,  growing cannabis can also reduce the effects of global warming over time,  an irony, right?. Lots of research is still ongoing on to the effects of smoking Cannabis on the ozone layer. 

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