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Can You Cut Down on Cigarette Smoking with CBD?

Smoking cigarettes can be of great interest initially, but soon it becomes a habit and then a compulsion. It’s detrimental to health to the extent that it may become life-threatening. If you become hooked to smoking cigarettes, it slowly becomes the primary cause of various illnesses such as cancer, asthma, other lung problems, etc. Those who are desperately planning to quit smoking cigarettes are now looking for solutions, which are non-harmful and less addictive. Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is popularly known, is one prominent option that comes with negligible side-effects and can potentially reduce cigarette consumption by about 40 percent in the first week of its use, claims various early findings.

The medical science community is now researching how CBD interrupts people’s addictive behavior. In the past few years, CBD has gained huge popularity among all ages — from youngsters to the elderly, CBD can work like magic for everyone. The key is to keep certain things in mind.

Why CBD?

Let’s make it clear! Smoking cannabis and using cannabidiol for health are two different things. While smoking cannabis is more dangerous than even cigarettes, cannabidiol isn’t. Among all the top cannabinoids found in a cannabis plant, cannabidiol is the least psychoactive substance. Unlike another cannabinoid — THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) — found in cannabis, it is considered a low energy strain, meaning CBD will not get you a “high.” That’s why the medical use of cannabidiol is being considered as a breakthrough. The most beneficial use of cannabidiol discovered so far includes the ability to disrupt the addictive behavior of smoking nicotine or tobacco products. Of the entire population of over 330 million citizens in the United States, around 41 million are hooked to cigarettes, a 2017 CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) survey showed. With the coming up of more advanced smoking devices like e-cigarettes, the issue of increasing smoking habits among youths has become a cause of concern for medical practitioners. That’s where CBD oil comes in. It gives a promise to those looking for ways to get rid of the addictive substance abuse.

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Why should you quit smoking?

Addictive smoking behavior is a health hazard that is no news. Since the days of the industrial revolution, when smoking cigarettes or cigars was considered a status symbol, the world has come a long way. Smoking was once a normal affair in every office, household, airplane, or even hospitals. The tight regulations about consuming cigarettes or tobacco products have now forced people to rethink. Those addicted to smoking are prone to different types of cancers, including lung and oral ones. It destroys your lung system, makes you a soft target for diseases like pneumonia and chronic bronchitis. Cigarette smokers are prone to heart attacks, erectile dysfunction, and infertility. Regular and uncontrolled consumption of cigarettes can develop various chronic health issues. Our lungs are extremely vulnerable to smoking. They can’t withstand the heat produced when one inhales smoky air after solid substance combustion. Despite these life-threatening reasons, people can’t quit smoking even if they want to. Can CBD help? Certainly. CBD oil has given hope in this direction, primarily because it’s 100 percent natural and carries no side-effects.

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How can CBD oil help you quit smoking?

Smoking is a highly addictive activity. It becomes even more dangerous if people are going through a difficult time in their life. Once addicted, they use cigarettes as an excuse to replace their fears. These insecurities can be anything from social dilemmas to stress in the office to family life. CBD oil can act as a natural option for those who want to end this addictive and self-destructive behavior. Once you zero down on a specific CBD product and start using, the results can be instant.

Various researches have proved that CBD oil can reduce cigarette smoking activity by an average of 40 percent in just one week. How? CBD Oil replaces the physical sensation of cigarettes with inhaler and nicotine with cannabidiol. It kills the urge for nicotine and releases a calming effect on our bodies. Instead of smoking cigarettes, a regular CBD oil dose will start showing results for a few days. By soothing the brain’s urge for nicotine, CBD makes it least attractive, thus helping you slow the activity. As per health experts, the regular use of CBD oil can help erase the memory of smoking cigarettes with time. If that’s not enough, when using CBD as a therapy for replacing smoking cigarettes, it will start to show the result in just one day. Researchers say a single overnight use of cannabidiol can reduce cigarettes’ memories and its “goodness” for smokers the following day. Its everyday use under medical guidance can have an exponential effect in a few days. Once a bad habit is broken and is replaced with new associations that are 100 percent natural and carry negligible risks, it can bring positive changes in your life.

How can you use CBD oil to replace smoking habits?

Once you decide on quitting cigarettes by replacing CBD, the critical question arises as to how you should use CBD? Should it be by smoking joints or vaporizing? Which one comes with the least harmful effects? The answers can vary from person to person, though vaporizing CBD oil is the most common way to consume CBD. Smoking CBD joints, just like cigarettes, comes easily for most users, as apart from substance, there’s no change in the individuals’ style. This particular method lacks in-depth research, but the personal experiences of thousands of people suggest it reduces the urge for nicotine products like cigarettes in them. Another use of CBD is by vaporizing technique. Temperature is the key differentiator here. CBD oil is consumed via a device called “Vape.” It’s heated to the right temperature until it starts vaporizing to aerosols. Compared to cigarettes or smoking CBD joints, the ‘vaping’ temperature is much lower. Overall, vaping can have lower health risks as compared to smoking joints. In my country, smoking CBD joints is even banned. However, CBD oil can be available across all markets. So, one can say that vaporizing CBD oil is also a natural replacement for cigarette smokers. 

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