CBD during isolation

CBD during isolation: How to stay healthy?

With the recent surge in the Coronavirus pandemic,  people worldwide are adapting to the changes and isolation period. The dangers of the COVID 19 virus has kept all of us indoors and away from the public gathering and places. It is important to stay at home and follow the guidelines during this period. What better can you do with CBD in isolation? Let’s find out. 

Right now,  people are looking for ways to adapt to this lifestyle,  ways to remain optimistic,  productive, and informed. The global challenges, bad conditions, pandemic, and the mortality rate is taking its toll on everyone. This brings the need for CBD and its benefits. 

 CBD is known for relieving pain and stress, anti-anxiety, and anti-inflammatory effect. It is advisable to take this opportunity and use this natural supplement to lead a healthy lifestyle in this period. 

Tips to stay healthy with CBD during Isolation

Kick start your day with CBD 

A consistent morning activity positions the mind and body before the start of the day. You can include CBD in your morning activities by mixing CBD with your morning drink /beverage like tea,  coffee, juice, smoothie, and so on. 

  • This enables you to relax,  reduce stress, and make you ready for the day. 
  • CBD is known as a natural mood booster and stress reliever. 
  • It helps stimulate special receptors in the brain. 
  • CBD also helps to stabilize primary functions like mood,  sleep,  appetite, immune system, pain,  memory, temperature, and so on. 

Protect yourself with a CBD infused hand sanitizer

The most common guideline for the pandemic is to wash your hands frequently or sanitize your hands thoroughly to kill all forms of germs. It is now important to keep a hand sanitizer with you at home or wherever you might be. 

Many companies are trying to increase production due to the high demand for hand sanitizers worldwide. CBD infused hand sanitizer contains CBD and alcohol that helps to;

  • sterilize your hands and soothe your skin. 
  • The vitamins contained in the CBD infused sanitizer helps to moisturize your skin and prevents it from drying up. 
  • The active formula in the CBD sanitizer proves effective at eliminating bacteria and common germs. 
  • CBD sanitizers are mild and gentle on the skin as it retains the moisture in the epidermis compared to soap and water. 

Make new recipes with CBD oil

Most workplaces and businesses have been shut down due to the pandemic. It’s time to try something new in the kitchen, make exciting new recipes with CBD. 

  • Watch cooking videos of world-class celebrity chefs and learn exciting new recipes. 
  • If you don’t know your way about the kitchen,  you can take cooking classes online and stream live cooking classes. 
  • Put a few drops of CBD oil in your cooking routine to spice up your cooking experience. This helps to support your balanced diet and add more nutritional benefits to your cookings. 
  • Try out different methods of adding CBD oil to meals, salads, and desserts to increase Cannabinoids in your body system. 
  • Cooking with CBD oil helps you to take your required dosage through sumptuous meals while improving your health condition. 

Make use of CBD bath bombs

It is advisable to take warm baths in these difficult periods to help lay off stress from the body. This will help to increase blood flow and circulation,  joint pain relief, and a well-rested sleep. The use of CBD bath bombs will only lead to more health advantages for you;

  • CBD bath bombs apply CBD, which goes into the top skin layers to work with the Cannabinoids receptors. 
  • These Bath bombs contain essential oils with an aroma to effectively soothe and moisturize your skin. 

Take hold of the moment by lighting scented candles,  placing CBD bath bombs in the tub, and reading a magazine or books. 

Keep Fit and Active

Gyms and workout centers have been closed down due to the pandemic. You can create a space in your house for workouts or exercises. Regular exercise improves your physical and mental health; it also keeps you in shape during isolation. 

You can join an online workout session with your family,  take a yoga class,  do a quick jog around your yard, or organize a mini dance party with your family. CBD can help improve your workout activities through the following ways during isolation;

  • CBD helps to provide stamina,  energy, and focus on your activities. 
  • It will help to reduce pain and inflammation. 
  • CBD hastens post-workout recovery so you can continue your activities. 

Daily Meditation with CBD during Isolation

It is important to give yourself proper self-care and maintain positive energy amidst the pandemic. Focus on your mental health by engaging in activities that will reduce stress and increase happiness. 

  • Daily meditation helps to improve your concentration and produce an overall sense of well being. 
  • Sitting and meditating in a warm and comfortable space for some time might help provide a sense of mindfulness. 
  • The major aspect of meditation is keeping still and focused. 
  • CBD is known for balancing hormonal levels connected to the brain. This helps to stimulate focus, reduce anxiety, and balance mood swings. 

Opt for a Good Night Sleep: CBD in Isolation

Most people make use of CBD to help with a good night’s sleep. It is quite surprising how it works. While other sleep drugs knock you out instantly,  CBD keeps you active during the day and makes you tired at night while you are struggling with it in your isolation. This leads to a well-rested sleep. 

CBD capsules are the best to induce a good night sleep for the following reasons;

  • It’s easy to add them to your daily routine,  especially if you are already on some medications like multivitamins and so on. 
  • CBD capsules allow you to adjust your dosage easily; if one capsule isn’t enough to induce sleep,  you can add another. 

You should also keep in mind that there are no official dosing guidelines for CBD just yet. Figuring out what works for you requires a bit of trial and error. Pay attention to how your body feels each time after you take CBD — you might find it helpful to write down the day, time, and dosage on a little piece of paper taped to your fridge to help you keep track.

CBD won’t turn the rest of your quarantine into a jolly stroll through the park, but it could help make the most annoying aspects of being stuck inside a little more manageable. Stay safe and be well — we’re going to get through this together!

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