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What Does CBD Oil Taste Like? Learn Everything!

Interested in CBD oil but not sure about the taste? Worried your CBD product may have an aroma you can’t stomach? 

Some people are in awe of CBD’s therapeutic properties. From treating epilepsy to combatting anxiety, the compound is thought to provide a whole host of medicinal benefits. Despite this, the taste is one thing that’s a deal-breaker for many. 

In this article, we’ll inform you about everything there is to know about cannabidiol’s physical profile. We’ll also let you know proven tips and techniques to make the compound taste and smell better to promote palatability. 

What does CBD oil Taste Like?

Not every CBD oil is the same. Depending on how the compound is processed from the natural plant source and its contents, CBD oils have varying tastes. In most cases, the CBD oil’s flavor will depend upon the kind of extract. For example, if it’s full-spectrum, isolate, or some other variety. Whether it’s hemp seed or olive, the oil base will also dictate the final product’s overall flavor and aroma. Generally, cannabidiol is known to have an earthy and somewhat nutty taste. 

Full Spectrum CBD Vs. Crude Oil

Full Spectrum CBD is different from CBD isolates. It’s processed to ensure that every natural compound found in the cannabis plant is retained. Therefore, it has a hemp-like taste. That said, high-quality full-spectrum oils don’t contain high concentrations of plant matter, such as pigments and waxes. Instead, they contain critical chemical compounds, such as cannabinoids like CBD and CBG, and terpenes and flavonoids. Full-spectrum CBD undergoes rigorous filtration and prolongs its shelf life; it’s mixed with high-quality carrier oils like MCT oil. The carrier oil used will play a pivotal role in the end product’s taste. To make sure your CBD oil is appropriately filtered, make sure it has a golden consistency and not shades of green floating around. 

In contrast to Full Spectrum CBD, crude oils contain excess plant matter. This includes chlorophyll, waxes, and other chemicals that contribute to an extremely unpleasant taste. Crude oils have dark green or brown complexions. Hence, these are often called black. If you’re in the market for a CBD product, steer clear from crude oils because you might not be able to tolerate their intense flavor. 


CBD isolate, is 99.5% pure CBD. It has every other compound removed, except cannabidiol. Therefore, it doesn’t have a very distinctive taste. It comes in the form of crystals, and you can easily add it to your favorite smoothies and other beverages to modify the taste to your liking. When vaped, CBD isolate is tasteless. If you’re interested in taking CBD to isolate sublingually for immediate absorption and fast effects, you can mix it with a good quality carrier oil like oil or coconut oil. 

Olive Oil and Hemp Seed Oil

The most popular bases of CBD oil are hemp seed and oil and olive oil. Both oils impart their characteristic flavor and significantly alter the end product’s taste. 

Olive oil-based CBD has a similar taste to cooking oils. The oil has a nutty and grassy profile and is often regarded to have a mild flavor. 

Hemp-based CBD oils have a more assertive personality. These are nuttier than other varieties and affect tongue palates as walnuts or sunflower seeds. Because of this, the hemp seed oil is often used in cooking.  

How to Make CBD Taste Better?

Say you’ve found the best CBD oil consistent with your needs and preferences. But, you still can’t seem to get over its taste and flavor, and you want something more agreeable. Fortunately, there are ways you can make this happen. Here are our top recommendations. 

Buy high-quality CBD oil

This goes without saying: Make sure you’re buying superior quality CBD oil. Low-quality oil might contain taste-compromising plant matter. 

Sometimes, the problem isn’t cannabidiol. It’s the plant matter — the high amounts of chlorophylls and waxes, and other hemp flower extracts — that’s the problem. This is why you should only buy products extracted from supercritical CO2 extraction. CO2 extraction is the most efficient processing method because it yields the most desirable end product, having the best constituency and taste. 

Your best bet is to buy CBD oil from a company that supports independent third-party lab testing. Companies that publish lab results on their websites are transparent and less likely to dupe customers into buying something they don’t want. 

Take CBD with a chaser

If the CBD oil’s taste is a BIG NO for you, try it with an acidic drink like orange juice. Take a sip of the liquid right after having a modest helping of CBD oil. But, keep in mind that masking the oil’s taste this way will have some implications. 

First, you won’t be able to consume CBD sublingually, i.e., by placing it under your tongue. Sublingual ingestion has its fair share of benefits, the most crucial being bioavailability. 

When you place a CBD product under your tongue, it travels directly to your bloodstream, where it is absorbed. However, when you mix it up with a liquid, it first goes to the digestive system, where some of the cannabidiol’s potency is lost in processing. 

Try a Terpenes-Rich CBD oil

There’s no point in introducing artificial flavors, such as cherry, chocolate, and the rest, to your CBD oil. When the compound contains a great range of natural flavoring compounds called terpenes, what’s the point? 

The best part: Terpenes work great with CBD oil. This is because of the entourage effect. The entourage effect is a synergistic relationship between different compounds in the hemp plant. For instance, terpenes and CBD form partnerships when together to produce more potent therapeutic effects. This also has a significant positive impact on the overall flavor, taste, and flavor of the CBD. 

Final Thoughts on CBD’s taste

CBD is one of the hottest names in the health and wellness industries today. And despite popular opinion that it tastes like crap, you can make CBD more enjoyable and delicious for yourself. You have to be creative and find your own way. 

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