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CBG products: A complete guide on benefits and products

CBG stands for cannabigerol, which is one of the 200 compounds found in a cannabis or hemp plant. Though it’s not popular like the other two compounds — cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — CBG products also have immense potential benefits. The reason that CBG hasn’t got the popularity it deserves is because of its low composition — about 1 percent — in a hemp plant. Due to this, its extraction becomes a difficult task. However, this trend is changing now. Scientists are developing hemp strains that contain CBG composition on the higher side. Interestingly, CBG’s acidic state, called CBGA,  is the main source of the development of cannabinoids in the hemp plant. Let’s understand the varied usage of CBG in our life.

What exactly is a product with CBG?

Just like CBD and THC, CBG is also a non-psychoactive compound, which is found in abundance in a hemp plant during its early stages. The compound impacts our psychological system to produce remarkable results while enhancing concentration and curing critical diseases. The combination of CBG and CBD can also do wonders for those suffering from serious mental as well as physical health complications. A hemp plant during its early days only produces one cannabinoid, which is CBGA or ‘cannabigerol acid’. As the plant enters the maturity stage, it converts CBGA into other compounds like CBDA, THCA, CBCA, among others. These compounds drop their acidic properties as they get exposed to the decarboxylation process. This means CBG needs to be extracted from the hemp plant in the early stages to gain maximum benefits.

If you miss the timing, you may not get the proper CBG harvest. The concentration of CBG is also very less as compared to CBD, which makes it a rare compound. Many times, it also becomes difficult to track the limited window during which CBG should be extracted. It is due to these complications in its procurement that CBG is considered a highly expensive compound.

How does CBG products interact with our body?

CBG, like all other prominent cannabinoids, connects with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of our body. The ECS system comprises three components — endocannabinoids, receptors and enzymes. The ECS is a complex system that affects everything from our mood, memory, sleep to appetite, reproduction and fertility. Our body also produces endocannabinoids, which drive emotional changes by further interacting with receptors (CB1 and CB2) to send signals to the body. So when we use CBG, it directly connects with receptors with much greater force than the natural endocannabinoids and produces a bigger impact. It has also been proved that CBG is a non-psychoactive substance and does not cause a high or intoxication. 

What are the potential benefits of CBG products?

The CBG as a compound was first discovered by two Israeli researchers in 1964. But since then, not enough work has been done to understand all its properties due to various complexities involved in its extraction process. Even with the limited data and anecdotal evidence at hand, it has been found that CBG is quite effective against depression, Huntington’s disease, stop cancel-cell growth, psoriasis, glaucoma, insomnia, among other diseases. CBG also holds anti-bacterial and muscle relaxant properties. These are some of the key benefits of using CBG. However, researchers are working towards finding more useful properties of the cannabis compound to explore future possibilities. 

What are the best CBG products and how to find them?

The process of finding a suitable CBG product is the same as that for CBD or THC products. First of all, look at top brands that are into the cannabis business. Shuffle through their platforms and see what kind of products are on display. Go through product descriptions and try to understand the differences and similarities in these descriptions. Read on reviews or dig in more, and you’ll know which one’s best for you. You can also seek expert advice or friends’ suggestions. Since the commercial use of CBG has seen a rise only recently, the brands are currently sticking to CBG oil and tinctures only. The cost is quite high, and the extraction method is complex, which is why the compound needs extensive research to understand its full potential. If you already use one of the cannabinoids, use your CBD or THC experience to buy the CBG product.

While using the CBG product, gain an understanding of how much concentration suits best for you. For a start, take small quantities and increase the dosage gradually. While buying CBG products, go through product descriptions, or visit their website to assess if they have been reviewed by the third-party labs. It’s important because these reviews guarantee the product you are buying is genuine. You can also look for full-spectrum products, which include products with two or more compounds. These products are also quite effective in treating numerous health complications.

How to use CBG oil?

CBG oil perhaps is the most widely used product right now, with people preferring to use it in various forms. Some people with chronic pain apply it on the troubling body part. Anecdotal evidence says it’s quite effective against chronic pain and in curing constant stress. Some people also use the CBG oil in food. Many people ingest the CBG oil before going to bed or during day time. The expert advice is to start low. If you are consuming CBG oil, hold a few drops under your tongue for about one minute. Once swallowed, you are allowing CBG oil to absorb into your bloodstream. This way, CBG oil can provide maximum health benefits.

Final thoughts

CBG is like a new kid on the block. It’s still in nascent years and will take its time to grow to the stature of cannabis compounds like CBD. Only cutting-edge research and openness towards finding out the hidden medicinal properties of marijuana plants at large will pave the way for clearer thoughts on CBG. For now, what we know for sure is that CBG is a highly useful and rare chemical compound found and it requires loads of investment to extract it. To make it more useful for the masses, the cost must be cut down without compromising with the quality. And that’s the direction science should be taking right now.

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