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by John Astran

Staying Fit is Easy

Bodybuilding: When Is It Healthy?

Bodybuilding focuses on strengthening the muscles of the body via strength training and a proper diet. Bodybuilding is often referred to as a lifestyle, whether it is recreational or competitive.

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Teenagers Experiment with Drugs - HealthMed.org
All About Fitness

Why Do Teenagers Experiment with Drugs?

Peer pressure is strong and leads to some of the experiences that teenagers engage in and these include experimenting with drugs. Teen drug experimentation, especially among teens, can lead to

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Obesity Becoming an Epidemic - HealthMed.org
Weight Management

Why Is Obesity Becoming an Epidemic?

The rise in obesity among adults and children in the world is becoming epidemic. We’ve all heard so much about the “obesity becoming epidemic” that it’s easy to think the

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Healthy Lifestyle for Teens - HealthMed.org
All About Diet

Importance of Healthy Lifestyle for Teens

Adult health results from a combination of lifestyle patterns developed during the teenage years. As a teenager, learning to develop good lifestyle behaviors and a positive body image are essential

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Become a Healthy Person - HealthMed.org
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How To Become A Healthy Person?

Many people believe that being a healthy person is a difficult activity that requires a lot of dieting and gym time. But this is not the truth! You can live

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Healthy Make You Happy - HealthMed.org
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Does Being Healthy Make You Happy?

Health and happiness are synonymous. Being in good health is the most important indicator of people’s spiritual, psychological, and physical wellbeing and happiness. Medical experts say that people are likely

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Exercise Important to Teenagers - HealthMed.org
Easy Exercises

Why Is Exercise Important To Teenagers?

Exercise is an important part of keeping teenagers healthy. Encouraging healthier behaviors in children and adolescents is important as they grow older. Lifestyles learned in childhood are more likely to

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