CBD affect your libido

How can CBD affect your libido: Learn Everything!

For the past few years, Cannabidiol (CBD)  has been making waves in the medical industry worldwide over its health benefits. CBD does not give the “high” effect like THC,  it is a no psychoactive compound. Lots of people have opted for CBD products for pain relief,  anxiety and many health conditions,  it is considered safe and healthy to use by scientists and medical practitioners. This has led to studies of the impacts of CBD in the improvement of a person’s sex life. Let’s carefully examine how CBD affects your Libido. 

What is Libido? 

Libido is also known as your overall sex drive or desire for sexual activity. There are four major factors that determines one’s libido;

  • Biological factors

This factor involves the sex hormones and neurotransmitters that acts upon the nucleus accumbens, the testosterone and dopamine, which controls libido in humans. 

  • Psychological factors

These include personality, stress, lifestyle  and so on

  • Social factors

Things like work, family, friends,  relationship issues and so on make up the social factor. 

  • Health factor

Your libido can also be affected by your medical condition,  diseases or illnesses and medications. 

A person with a consistent high and increased libido can be said to be experiencing hypersexuality,  while a person with a low and decreased sex drive is experiencing hyposexuality. 

How does CBD affect your libido? 

Before going into how CBD affects your Libido, Let’s go back to how CBD works in the body. 

Cannabidiol(CBD)  acts on the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in the body and helps to control and balance the different body functions. 

The body provides its own endocannabinoid for the ECS but this balance can be unstable at times,  this is where the supplementary cannabinoid comes into play to help maintain the body functions. 

Instead of binding receptor to the endocannabinoid system,  CBD stops the breakdown of endocannabinoid so that there will be enough naturally produced endocannabinoid  for the body to use. 

CBD also set off a series of reaction to stimulate the endocannabinoid system  for the activation of receptors. 

Research on how CBD affects your Libido. 

There are indications that some of the Endocannabinoid receptors are available in the brain and the sexual reproductive organs. Though while some studies state that CBD helps to boost your libido,  others indicate that CBD can reduce libido. 

  • An article published in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics states that excess use of Cannabis in men can reduce their sex drive or libido. The more the cannabis, the lower the libido. 
  • Some Studies also claim that CBD products may increase your libido by reducing anxiety. Most people develop anxiety before a sexual activity which reduces their libido.  CBD is known for helping with anxiety in people, this might help with their sex drive. 

Benefits of CBD on your Libido. 

Though there are doubts as to the influence of cannabis on one’s sex drive, there are still some clear benefits of CBD on your Libido. These benefits include;

1)  Clearing Anxiety

As stated above, CBD is known for taking care of anxiety in the body. It can help boost libido by clearing the symptoms of anxiety. 

  • This is done by reducing stress and the soothing relaxing effect of CBD can help calm the muscles which can lead to an increased libido. 
  • CBD helps to influence the concentration of dopamine and serotonin hormones in the body. These happy hormones can lead to feelings of love and pleasure. 
  • Though this does not prove that CBD directly affects libido but it helps to set the mood for an increased sex drive.

2).  Boosting “Cuddle” Hormones

CBD improves the neurotransmitter known as ‘Anandamide’ which boosts your general mood. Anandamide is the bliss neurotransmitter in humans that is associated with the oxytocin hormone also known as the “cuddle” hormone. 

This proves that CBD might help increase the body’s natural endorphins and neurotransmitters, which could potentially boost one’s libido.

3).   Relieves Erectile Dysfunction 

Researchers have not fully understood how CBD directly affects Erectile Dysfunction  but there are theories to back up these claims. 

  • An article published in the BioMed Research International Journal states that Ayurveda practitioners have used the hemp plant(Cannabis Sativa), which is the source of all cannabinoids, to improve sexual performance and help with erectile dysfunction. 
  • CBD helps to relax the blood vessels and increase blood flow in the male reproductive organ. 
  • Effective and consistent blood flow can help cure Erectile Dysfunction and produce long-lasting sex. 

4).  Effective Lubrication. 

Some people tend to have painful sex due to dryness,  it is advisable to make use of a lubricant to enhance sexual performance and stop the pain. Manufacturers have started to consider the use of CBD oil as a lubricant for sex. 

Scientists have conducted research on CBD as a dermatology treatment. A 2010 published article in a journal stated that topical CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect, which could lead to an improved sexual performance and drive. 

5).  Enhanced Sex drive. 

Studies have shown that use of cannabis has helped to improve sexual arousal. A research conducted in 2017 discovered that cannabis activated the part of the brain that controls sexual arousal. The researchers claimed that cannabis can help people with low sex drive. 

Side Effects of CBD 

The side effects depend on how you use CBD products for enhancement of your libido. Common side effects are;

  • Allergies to the CBD product or the means like the Oil, fragrance e. t. c
  • Stomach ache
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Fatigue

  Asides common symptoms,  there have been concerns as to the effect of CBD on fertility. Studies have shown that the use of cannabis can reduce fertility. Some of the effects include;

  • Reduces the amount of follicle-stimulating hormones in both male and female 
  • Decrease sperm development in men which can lead to infertility 
  • alters a woman’s Reproductive and ovulation cycle. 


Studies are ongoing on the effects of CBD on one’s Libido. CBD products for enhancing sex drive are already available for use. You can make use of any of these products to boost your libido and sex life. 

If you are looking to have a baby,  it is advisable to visit your doctor before making use of CBD products to enhance sex performance. 

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