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How can cops use CBD: Learn Everything!

Does it look strange if you see cops using CBD? Well, it may seem a little off but cops are equally attracting towards CBD as the general public. Firstly, CBD comes from hemp, which contains less than 0.3 percent of intoxicating content called THC. That’s why hemp is legal in most of the US states. Hemp mostly contains CBD, which means it’s no different than using any health product that the law permits.

Cops smoking CBD vape while on duty or in a public place could be a violation of the police code of conduct, and they could be held responsible for it. However, if a cop is using CBD vape at the comfort of his home, it’s perfectly alright. In all, a cop also has the same rights as a civilian, except they have to follow the code of conduct laid out for the enforcement agencies by the federal government.

CBD for cops

Firstly, the US government’s position on the use of illegal drugs usage is very clear — zero tolerance. However, it’s different in the case of CBD. For those who may not know, hemp and marijuana are two different species of the same plant called cannabis. That’s why both hemp and marijuana have different properties. Both of them need different cultivation environments and have different growth cycles and plantation methods. While marijuana contains THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol in huge quantities, hemp has minimal THC chemicals in it and is loaded with CBD.

THC is the compound that gets you ‘high,’ but CBD gives a relaxing feeling, putting you at ease from whether it’s a pain, stress, or fatigue. Due to naturally occurring medical properties, CBD has become the best wellness product of recent times. From major anxiety issues to inflammation problems — CBD can cure numerous complications. Many cops are coming forward with their stories on how CBD helped them address various issues. Relief in certain states like Arizona has opened up the debate on how CBD use should be treated when it comes to cops. In 2019, Arizona state changed its rules for screening the candidates, under which it didn’t view the use of CBD or over-the-counter CBD products as “illegal.”

Though THC, which is also a cannabis compound, has many medicinal and recreational uses, it’s also known for causing ‘high’. THC comes in all shapes and sizes — topicals, tinctures, edibles, syrups, gummies, oils, and balms. But cops can’t use them. The federal laws don’t allow cops to work under the influence of drugs that are intoxicating. As THC effects take about 8-10 hours to go away, it may cause problems if cops are caught using THC-based products. But for the general public, the controlled use of THC can come with many health benefits. The drug has also been found useful in improving memory. If taken under the strict guidance of a medical practitioner, THC can also treat many illnesses and has proved effective against breaking opioid dependence among people. 

Increasing CBD use among cops

As the popularity of CBD reaches an all-time high, police authorities are also changing their rules. Agencies that recruit cops have also seen an increase in the number of candidates disclosing their history with CBD during their background check. For example, a candidate appearing for Utah state police department can announce that he has consumed CBD to relieve stress and insomnia, and that’s okay. The changed law is applicable in many states of the United States. The relaxed laws have made it possible for cops to depend on CBD-based products to reduce stress levels and physical exhaustion that come with the job. Since the same rules apply for first responders like EMTs, paramedics, and firemen, CBD use among these officials has become prevalent now.

How can CBD help the police?

The job of a cop is highly demanding. From delving deep into crimes that happen every day to respond in the quickest time during mishaps, the job can burn you out. Research has shown that cops working as first responders and those working dangerous assignments can be exposed to high-stress levels,  increased blood pressure, post-traumatic stress disorder, insomnia, and sometimes, even suicidal tendency. CBD has shown promise when it comes to solving these physical and mental health issues. From stress to sleep and chronic pain, the cannabis compound can provide great relief and urgent solutions.

Benefits of CBD use among cops

Sleeplessness is a major issue all over the world. So when it comes to police officers and first responders, certainly they are not exempt. It’s no secret that CBD can address your lack of sleep problem. As per research, around 40 percent of cops suffer from one of the other sleep disorders in the US. Cops having unusual sleep schedules also suffer from the problem of insomnia. Since CBD is known to regulate sleep or wake cycle, it has proven immensely beneficial for cops. Various surveys have shown that CBD is effective against regulating sleep. Better sleep is also associated with better productivity at work, which in cops’ case, means they can perform to the best of their ability. Not only with sleep but CBD also helps cops in reducing stress, which can be beneficial for their overall wellbeing.

The Bottomline

Cops, like ordinary citizens, have the same rights in the US. CBD use among them is not illegal if done within the rules applicable for cops in their states. However, THC use is prohibited as it contains psychoactive substances. CBD can be considered as another wellness product, which cops can use to treat numerous physical and mental health problems. It’s not addictive and does not cause tolerance with time. The anecdotal evidence suggests cops have immensely benefited from CBD, putting them in the best of their physical and mental shape. Nevertheless, it’s always advisable to go through the respective state laws before consuming CBD products. If you have doubt, reach out to the state government health department for more clarity.

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