CBD for anxiety

Is CBD for anxiety and depression a permanent solution?

CBD or cannabidiol is becoming a therapeutic alternative to deal with major health issues like anxiety and depression. In this fast-paced world, where life is lived in 30 seconds of Instagram reels or a 140-280 character tweet, people often struggle with mental health issues. Student life, career goals, personal life challenges, and life seem to be a significant bulky weight on your head. These life challenges can sometimes draw people to take extreme steps like suicides or exclusion from society. There are several ways one can beat anxiety and depression. However, if you are at the early stage of these health complications, CBD may be a natural option.

What is CBD?

There’s been a lot of hype among people about CBD? Many people are drawn towards CBD these days, from fitness freaks to those who have mental illnesses. But still, if you have never heard of it, CBD stands for cannabidiol. In a marijuana plant, there are over 400 chemical entities and 60 cannabinoid compounds. CBD is the second most prevalent and active compound found in a cannabis plant or hemp plant. It does not cause high or intoxications, which is why government agencies also seem optimistic about their prospects.

In most parts of Asia, it’s not legal right now, but some states of India and countries like Singapore and Thailand are progressing towards making it legal. The United States, Canada, and European countries, on the other hand, are opening up to its controlled usage. In 2015, the US government eased restrictions around CBD. Now researchers can conduct controlled clinical trials to understand CBD’s impacts on the body. It is also available online in the US, and people can buy without a license. CBD is in its initiation phase right now. The US federal government may soon make hemp production legal, which could revolutionize its CBD industry.

Anxiety and mental health issues on the rise

As per the latest estimates, anxiety disorders have already affected more than 4 percent of the world’s population. Around 10 percent of the global population is suffering from one mental health problem or the other. Seeing CBD’s popularity among people, especially youth, governments are moving ahead in the direction of assessing its safety via clinical trials. 

CBD, along with THC (the main psychoactive compound found in cannabis), has also proven effective for some selected cancer patients and spasticity. The purified form of CBD also received a nod from the US FDA in 2018. The compound is used to address major health complications like Dravet and Lennox syndromes. 

In a significant boost to CBD proponents, the World Health Organization (WHO) in a report has also confirmed it does not lead to “abuse or dependence” in humans. The global health agency said there’s no evidence to suggest that pure CBD causes any public health problems.

CBD for depression

Is CBD helpful in addressing anxiety, depression?

Early-stage research has shown that CBD could be a potential cure for many diseases and health complications. It has now opened a floodgate of companies interested in conducting more in-depth research to explore the field. CBD has already proven as a wonder medicine for epilepsy. If you are contemplating changing medication to switch to more natural CBD, go slowly. Follow the right method under an expert’s guidance, and you will start seeing the results in days. The appropriate CBD dosage can work like wonder. You will find a lot of online content with people claiming how CBD helped them control seizures. The FDA-approved Epidiolex, which contains CBD, can help patients with epilepsy. It is readily available in the market. Apart from mental health and anxiety-related problems, CBD can also effectively control insomnia and chronic pain.

CBD as a ‘panacea’ for mental health disorders

CBD can help treat major diseases like epilepsy, depression, sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. A Permanente Journal study has revealed that 79 percent of participants experienced a reduction in anxiety after using CBD oil, proving its efficacy for mental health problems. Medical science is also exploring the possibility of treating cancer with CBD, though more research may make a difference in future.

The use of CBD among youth is on the rise. A 2019 Gallup Poll showed 14 percent of US citizens already use CBD in some form or the other. Of those who use it regularly, 37 percent are dealing with anxiety issues. So far, no medical research has proven that the controlled usage of CBD is harmful to health. If you seek an exit from antidepressants or are proving ineffective, take the step but consult your health expert first. Engaging in conversation with a medical professional will give you a clear idea about the product, dosage, and variety you should look for.

How to assess the best quality cannabidiol? 

Many people struggle with these questions. If you pay close attention to some key details like source, realities, and taste, you’ll get authentic CBD. Here are some key things you need to keep in mind before choosing a CBD product:

  1. Check the origin of CBD extract. Make sure it’s produced either in regulated farmlands of the US or the European countries. Products produced in these countries contain low THC, and products are passed through various checks.
  2.  Ensure your CBD product contains genuine cannabinoid content. THC level (psychoactive substance) in a CBD oil or any allied product should be less than 0.3 percent.
  3. Choose your flavor. Don’t go for something that carries strong aroma and flavor, especially if you are new to CBD. Sometimes, the strong-flavored cannabidiol can be counterproductive. Also, look for your favorite flavors in the CBD product. It can be anything from fruit flavor to vanilla chocolate.
  4. Ensure an authentic third-party lab test your CBD product, or it’s clinically proven to be effective and real to its quality. This shows an independent third party has verified it after passing through all the quality checks and contains all the right ingredients.
  5. Company transparency and customer service are two more important things to consider before buying a CBD product. The transparent companies always disclose their policies and practices. Their customer service centre, which is the first line of direct customer engagement, is always committed to resolving customer issues.

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