Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening: What can you do in 2021?

COVID-19 helps us discover ourselves again. We learn how to die in our past and are born spiritually, every moment in our lives. During the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us had more time for prayer and reflection. This intense organism, with its vast amount of power, slowed down many of us. Still, every day is unique because we live one day at a time. We put all our energies into it, knowing that the Spiritual force guides us for our awakening. We now have time to see the blessings and to recognize new opportunities in silence.

The pandemic has brought the greatest spiritual knowledge the world has ever known and is still experiencing. It affected people of all walks of life, every religion, every nation, and every person in the same way. We’re one of them. These days have given us several different lenses to see the world and know that every day is precious.

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakening is a call to greater consciousness and deeper emotional awareness. The process of spiritual awakening brings in inner change and a transition in one’s world-view. When someone is going through a spiritual awakening, they change their mental framework.

What Causes A Spiritual Awakening?

For many, a life-changing event brings on a spiritual awakening. It’s a slow and subtle change for some. Here is a list of common catalysts for spiritual awakening.

1. A traumatic experience

This is one that has a profound and negative effect on our physical or mental well-being. A long period of recovery is sometimes necessary. Examples of a traumatic experience may be the survival of a serious accident.

2. Major life-changing events

Some activities have the potential to change your whole life. A life-changing event may be divorce, loss of a loved one, or significant illness.

3. An existential crisis

Also known as the Dark Night of the Spirit. In an existential crisis, a person starts to question the meaning and purpose of life. It is often accompanied by sadness or a life-changing experience, although it is not always the case.

4. Near-death Experience (NDE)

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Many persons who reported having an NDE also mention coming into touch with beings from the other side. If you can imagine, this experience deeply changes one’s perspective on life.

What can you achieve in 2021 by spiritual awaking?

Spiritual awakening is the fruit of working on oneself. All you want to be and feel like you should do if you give yourself enough time to get to it. Nothing can happen through force and speed. Everything’s going on its natural course.

1. You are more open

With the spiritual awakening of the world, you are starting to become more aware of all the people and events surrounding you. You’re more open to communicating with others, and you have a lot more positive sides than before. And you’re focused on seeing the positive sides. Negative things may happen to you. In that case, you should focus on the good aspects of what you can gain from those events. Or you should look at those events as a warning to better monitor your emotions. Just focusing on yourself creates the best interest you can ever dream of.

2. Thinking about the past

Through your spiritual awakening, you spend less time worrying about the past and the mistakes you have made. You’re going to stop listing all our faults that you can think about when something goes wrong. You are slowly turning away from the old behavior pattern. And you are now actively opting for a different way of thinking. Because you have now realized the connection between thoughts and activities around you.

3. You feel harmony when You awaken spiritually

We feel the growing harmony inside and around us. Perhaps the simplest term to describe the inner state of things is that you feel a spiritual awakening. Harmony is part of you. And you find that harmony in all your surroundings in the daily circumstances you experience. You will increasingly admire the world that surrounds you and understand the beauty it offers you. You will all recognize the beauty of daily situations. Also, you will see how you keep a close watch on all of humanity’s progress. The direction the world is going is positive. And an increasing number of people are going in the right direction of unity and peace.

4. Connecting with people

You continue to feel connected to the people around you by bringing harmony. You feel connected to known and unknown people. Because you have a feeling within yourself that you manifested by your interaction with people. You see convictions, your emotions, and your feelings, in the events that happen to you. They are just the beliefs you’ve had since childhood. But, it will remain in you until you change them. With spiritual awakening, you become conscious of your emotions and how they affect your lives. And that’s why you understand the importance of what you do, do, and speak.

5. Good advice on spiritual awakening

Good advice is to think about someone as you want them to think of us. This may guide your feelings, which may not be easy for you. Because we are used to thinking in one direction. But patience would bring us so many benefits that we will feel for a while. Look at everything you do to try to change the old trend of behaviour that will pay off with a more relaxed and easier life in the future. You will get a life with more joy, more love, and more affection from the people around you. When you are spiritually active, you won’t feel alone. And people will happily give you back all the kindness and warmth you hold inside of you.

6. You feel gratitude for your life

In a spiritual awakening, you feel grateful for the life you experience and see the beauty surrounding you. You see a wider perspective and know-how to recognize that uncomfortable situations happen to you, which are fading anyway. Also, you know better to slow down and change your mind when you have thoughts you don’t want to think about. You realize that life is a very interesting and difficult game that you signed. Furthermore, you will play to develop spiritually and reach a higher degree of awareness through such events. You are more thankful for all these lessons that tell you how to grow and expand your thought to higher levels that have not been available to you so far.

The Bottom Line

You decided to work on yourselves and wake up spiritually. Suppose you took this decision because of the feeling that you can live a better way than you do now, then well done. You must have felt like there was a better way of living that didn’t have to be complicated. And that was waiting for you if you started working on yourself. It was a spiritual call that you had to follow.

Because of our desire for spirituality, a better life, and dissatisfaction with our current state, we feel the need to change and improve our lives in general spiritually. Have a happier relationship with people, harmony, and less reflection on previous failures. This way, you can reflect on your spirituality.

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