CBD popular in america

Why is CBD popular in America Today?

Whatever your views on cannabis, you have to admit that the CBD craze is becoming popular in America. 

A whole host of cannabidiol products, including tinctures, oils, and gummy bears, continue to line the shelves of stores and pharmacies. Some Americans are also feeding CBD to their pets to help their fur babies manage soul-crippling anxiety and seizures. 

So, the cynicism that CBD was just another wellness fad has been kicked to the curb. If you need more concrete proof, look no further than the recent Gallup poll. According to the poll, at least one out of seven US citizens use CBD for medicinal benefits. 

While the FDA hasn’t greenlit CBD to be sold as a drug or medicine, the 2018 legalization of hemp paved the way for being explosively popular in America. The poll revealed that the American youth have taken special stock in the compound. 

That said, there are also 35% of Americans who say that they don’t know what CBD products are and what they intend to do. Add to this the 50% of Americans who still don’t consume CBD and you realize how long cannabidiol has to go to win the hearts of the American nation. 

The reason why CBD has become such a popular topic in America is because of its ability to treat various conditions and their underlying symptoms. From relieving pain to anxiety and treating insomnia and arthritis, the compound has been known to provide a whole host of therapeutic effects. 

Almost 39% of the CBD consumer base is using CBD to treat anxiety alone. There’s also an increasing trend among women to use CBD as a sleep aid. These developments suggest that CBD may disrupt established industries in the US in the imminent future. 

What Is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the many therapeutic compounds present in the cannabis plant. These compounds are called cannabinoids and tap into the human endocannabinoid system to influence various functions, such as mood, appetite, and inflammation. 

Another cannabinoid that is as famous as CBD is THC. However, THC is different from CBD in many ways. First, THC is psychoactive, whereas CBD is non-intoxicating — it doesn’t induce a high. Second, CBD has an excellent safety profile and aside from a few mild side effects, it’s not known to cause any issues. 

On the other hand, THC is thought to induce negative psychological effects, such as delirium and hallucinations. People who have psychological disorders, such as Schizophrenia, should especially approach the compound with caution. 

In the past decade, CBD’s popularity has skyrocketed mainly because of mounting anecdotal evidence of its potential comforting properties. This is why THC is illegal across the US, whereas CBD has lesser restrictions, which has allowed creams, lotions, and other CBD products to flock markets. 

Farm Bill 2018

In 2018, Donald Trump, the now-former President, signed the Farm Bill also called the Agricultural Act of 2018. This law legalized the harvesting and selling of industrial hemp in all US states.  

Hemp is different from marijuana. It doesn’t contain THC in high concentrations. Therefore, it doesn’t alter consciousness and gets you high. According to law, all CBD products need to be extracted from hemp and need to contain less than .3 percent of THC. 

To reiterate, the 2018 Farm Bill states that only CBD products grown under the bill’s rigorous regulations and based on hemp are legal. 

FDA Approves Epidiolex, the First CBD Drug

CBD’s popularity in American Populations has increased largely due to its supposed potential to treat various ailments. Reddit, Facebook, and many other public forums are filled with anecdotal accounts of CBD treating this and helping with that. 

However, the FDA has forbidden manufacturers from advertising CBD as a medicine or a panacea. This is because the scientific status of CBD is still very uncertain. Most of the research on the compound is preclinical. Meaning, it hasn’t been translated into humans. Most of the existing literature is based on animal models and therefore doesn’t paint a conclusive picture of cannabidiol’s physiological profile. 

In 2018, the FDA approved the first CBD-based drug called Epidiolex. Healthcare providers have used Epidiolex to treat two forms of severe pediatric epilepsy to great effect. However, this is the only FDA approved pharmaceutical grade CBD-based drug available in the market today. Past attempts to make pharmaceuticals from CBD have flopped.

With the Agricultural Act and Epidiolex in hindsight, the FDA intends to continue examining the evolving status of CBD and publishing new guidelines and standards for the compound’s various products accordingly. 

Americans have one question on their minds: Is CBD legal? The answer to this question isn’t that straightforward.

CBD laws vary from state-to-state.

 States like California are more cannabis-friendly than states like Texas, where CBD farmers have to face a lot of obstacles to commercialize their product. But, as long as your CBD is extracted from hemp, you can use CBD in any form or  product. 

One thing you have to figure out is how to get the best out of CBD’s properties. You have to look into several factors to figure this out. For example, if you have arthritis, you’ll have to find the right CBD product to manage the chronic pain that comes along with it. You’ll also have to wrap your head around dosage, delivery systems, and various other details.


CBD is the hottest name in the health and wellness industry. Previously believed to be just another dying trend, it has stood tall and strong and weathered the tides of cynicism with great success. Science is also increasingly suggesting that CBD may be the next big thing in pharmaceuticals. 

Americans shouting praises of the compound in Public forums is an added assurance. There’s no doubt that CBD’s best days are still ahead. Although we already have a lot of CBD products, we’re likely to see a lot more in the coming decade. This includes transdermal creams, cigarettes, and many other industry-breaking options.

If you’re interested in trying CBD oil, make sure you buy from a high-quality brand. We recommend using a Full Spectrum CBD oil for better results. 

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