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Famous Celebrities and CBD: What’s their call

CBD and its products have just gained massive popularity worldwide in only a couple of years. The USA alone boasts about tens of millions of users that consume CBD in different forms.

Despite all the popularity, some people out there don’t believe in the benefits of CBD oil. This is because most of the brands produce low-quality CBD. 

To really avail of CBD’s therapeutic benefits, you need to invest in companies that produce CBD under very high standards. Furthermore, the CBD oils they sell must be tested by third-party laboratories and made of hemp that’s naturally sourced and produced.

Below are some celebrity endorsements that might change your mind if you’re not that sold about CBD in the first place:

Seth Rogan

While it’s technically not much of a surprise that Seth Rogan endorses cannabis products – his appreciation isn’t limited to ‘stoner’ humor. He’s gone so far as to stand in Congress to talk about the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

Hilarity for Charity is a nonprofit movement run by Seth Rogan. It was formed in 2002 to spread awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. Since then, it has raised about $11 million for research and helped greatly to fast-track the global movement for marijuana legalization.

Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian isn’t the type of person to shy away from promoting CBD and CBD products. She’s a highly vocal endorser for the usage of CBD oils and its products. Kim is in love with CBD so much that she held a baby shower for her son West. And guess what the theme was? “CBD and meditation.”

She’s even gone so far as to say that she can juggle being a mother of four and being a businesswoman only because of CBD. She claims it’s great for a good night’s sleep and much more effective than other sleep medications and aids. 

Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz’s usage of vape pens caused a major fuss in the UFC community. Some even going so far as to say that he uses them to mask illegal substances. Diaz defended himself by saying, “it’s only CBD oil” when he was questioned about it at a conference.

He claims that it helps him with his recovery. So, whenever there’s a break in the matches, he has it. It is also great for reducing inflammation as it speeds the healing process. 

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde, a very famous director, and actress has talked about her love for CBD products in major publications like the New York Times and Vanity Fair. She says that some friends introduced her to CBD, which helped her with chronic muscle pain when she was touring for six months on Broadway.

She prefers CBD as alternative medicine and has found it safer compared to traditional painkillers. She’s gone on record to say this. She believes that people have misunderstood CBD as an illegal drug and defamed its public reputation for apparently no good reason. 

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski, otherwise known as Gronk, retired as an NFL tight end because of the many injuries caused during his time as a player. Now, he says that if he’d had CBD products during his football career, things would be very different.

Gronkowski had a toe injury, which he treated with CBD creams, and he claims it provided him a lot of relief. He endorses the CBD products of Abacus Health Products as a speaker and partner.

Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox, known for his role in the Back to the Future series, was 29 when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. It is extremely rare for such a young person to be diagnosed with the illness. Because he also struggled with his career as an actor, barely scraping through some roles. 

He founded the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research during a small hiatus from his career. He then spent his time trying to find a cure.

Several experimental studies conducted by his own foundation found that CBD is very useful for managing Parkinson’s symptoms. He claims he’s found hope because of CBD. CBD, along with medical marijuana, has helped in the treatment of his symptoms.

It’s commonly said that CBD helps cancel out some of the symptoms such as involuntary shaking, seizures, and mobility restrictions by raising dopamine levels inside the body. It also works for sore joints by easing inflammation and pain.

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is one of the few actresses in the industry who talks about mental health and mental health issues. She’s one to go on social media apps such as Instagram and share her own battle with depression and anxiety.

Every day, as part of her daily routine, she takes CBD oil from a dropper. She proposes CBD helps as much as exercise and therapy.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is very vocal about the legalization of cannabis. She uses CBD products constantly for pain and glaucoma and runs Whoopi & Maya, a cannabis company with its own line of THC and CBD products for women who go through menstruation pain. 

Body butters are infused with CBD are formulated to curb the painful symptoms of period cramps and muscle pains. The company’s major goal is to introduce a healthier and natural option of body butters for women to cope with pains, rather than opting for painkillers.

Final Thoughts

One of the ways people have tried to cope with seizures, stress, and pain (and many more debilitating symptoms) is by using CBD/ CBD is endorsed as a treatment for a variety of illnesses by a lot of celebrities. 

Many Actresses, such as Olivia Wilde and Mandy Moore, use CBD for muscular pain and body aches. Models such as Alessandra Ambrosio also rely on CBD products for proper sleep before shows. 

New CBD lines and companies continue to enter the marketplace, hedged by celebrities like Mike Tyson and Gwyneth Paltrow. Day by day, these celebrity endorsements improve CBD’s medicinal prospects and further cement the cannabis industry in the broader health supplement market. 

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