High-Profile Celebrities Who Tried CBD and Loved it

Hollywood’s beauty moguls haven’t taken long to tag along with the medical community and the general public to CBD’s next door party. Let’s have a look at some high-profile celebrities who tried CBD.

Despite the skepticism surrounding CBD, millions of Americans are using CBD as bath bombs, scented candles, and even chewable treats for their beloved pets. 

Celebrities who have a massive influence on social media platforms swear of CBD’s miraculous benefits. According to some, CBD calms the nerves like a good song. While for others, CBD is a homemade recipe staple. Some celebrities have even forged profitable businesses out of CBD’s raw marketable value. 

Although name dropping a couple of high-profile celebrities to charm you isn’t our intent, we still believe you should know how your favorite celebrities are using CBD to enjoy its miraculous benefits. 

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, chief statesmen of the Kardashian family, isn’t privy to attention. Revered for her bold and blunt nature, Kim has been vigorously vocal of her love for CBD products. She has touted CBD oil as one of the best products she’s ever used, peddling it as a critical component of her mind and body detox regimen. 

In one Instagram post, Kim Kardashian said that anyone close to me knows how crazy I am about my CBD products. She also uncovered her favorite CBD brand, clarifying that she isn’t making this discovery part of some promotional campaign. 

Kim’s favorite CBD oil comes in a naturally pleasing bottle manufactured by Pellequr, a Korean Spa situated in the heart of Beverly Hills.

 She also organized a CBD themed baby shower to create the buzz around her fourth child. She said that her fourth birth put a lot on her mind and needed something to cool off. And what better way to do that than to invite your loved ones and unpack your mind under the healing powers of CBD?

Going forward here is another celebrity who tried CBD.

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogan’s whole hippy and carefree personality scream weed. Therefore, his ardent love and approval for CBD oil shouldn’t come as a surprise. In many of his movie stills, he’s seen ratcheting up a bong and enjoying a doobie in one his frivolous comedic poses. However, his advocacy for Cannabis isn’t just limited to the cinema. 

He’s also a very outspoken activist for the global legalization of Marijuana. He stood up in Congress and backed CBD’s therapeutic potential in a bid to create awareness around CBD’s commercial importance. This followed Hillary’s establishment for Charity, an NGO that has garnered millions of dollars for Alzheimer’s research and touted CBD oil as a viable medication for its treatment. 

Another influential one of the celebrities who tried CBD is Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston, the star of the evergreen, and still very hilarious sit-com “Friends,” claims CBD has done wonders for her pain, stress, and anxiety. She remarked that CBD oil doesn’t have any of Marijuana’s psychoactive properties, which gives her access to its healing potential, without worrying about getting high.

 Jennifer didn’t mention her favorite CBD delivery system; however, it’s speculated that her use of CBD is mainly topical, in the form of CBD creams.

Olivia Wilde

Interviewing for the New York Times in 2019, Olivia Wilde expressed her hidden love for Lorde Jones CBD lotion. She said that she uses the product almost religiously, and it has helped her out a lot after her health nosedived following a Broadway show.

The show that ran for six months crippled her joint health, causing jaw-lock like stiffness in her neck. She tried many things, but Lord Jones CBD lotion is the only thing that helped her relax and get back on her feet. Plus, it also removed the need for overdosing on painkillers, which she said she isn’t too fond of. 

Alessandra Ambrosio

The blue-eyed and categorically stunning Victoria Secret superstar, Alessandro Ambrosio, is a huge advocate of CBD products. She doesn’t shy away from claiming that CBD oil has helped improve her sleep and release her wing muscles’ pain.

 In 2017, Alessandra said that anxiety used to keep her awake for long hours; CBD was a godsend. 

Busy Phillips

Busy Phillips opened up about his secret crush on CBD in 2019. Interviewing for Health, she revealed her constant tug and pull struggle with anxiety. 

Anxiety stopped her from working in any capacity. Sometimes, it froze her in her steps. Daily exercise helped; however, she needed something more. Thankfully, CBD gummies emerged as her saving grace. 

Talking about CBD how can we miss Whoopi Goldberg another one of the celebrities who tried CBD.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is one of the few celebrities who have become cannabis-entrepreneurs. Her brand Whoopi & Maya is famous for its vast distribution network of various CBD products, ranging from CBD tinctures to vapes.

 However, its flagship products are aimed explicitly at menstruating women who suffer from menstrual pain and cramps. Many women have become loyal followers of Whoopi & Maya and directly contributed to their burgeoning fame.

Emma Roberts

The cute and charming Emma Roberts holds CBD in high esteem. Her favorite CBD product is Mazz Hanna’s CBD bath tonic, which she says plays a pivotal role in rejuvenating her body after a hectic day. 

After the success of CBD bath tonics, Hanna introduced CBD into a lot of her products. The celebrity manicurist has a massive fan base that uses her CBD products to relieve pain and curb anxiety, among many other things. 

Mandy Moore

The new hit show “This Is Us” has charmed audiences around the Globe and shot its pivotal star Mandy Moore, to instant fame. 

However, one part of Mandy that has remained hidden is her love for Lord Jones CBD Oil. Mandy uses the oil to provide relief to her aching feet, especially after a long and arduous day of walking miles down the red carpet and standing long hours posing for pictures. 

Mandy is not the only celebrities who tried CBD to manage pain. 

Science also backs CBD’s increasing promise to relieve acute and chronic pain. One 2018 scientific review of 45 studies reviewed CBD’s role in chronic pain management. The review covered almost 43 years worth of studies and various types of pain, such as fibromyalgia, cancer pain, and arthritic pain. 

Further research to unveil Cannabis’s medical boon is ongoing. But, if you’re looking for anecdotal evidence, the above celebrities should be enough to sway you away.

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